Jay Leno Hosts New You Bet Your Life for Fall 2021 Syndication

Jay Leno is the latest funnyman to helm You Bet Your Life, the classic comedy quiz show established and best remembered as the radio-and-TV vehicle for Groucho Marx from 1947 to 1961. Leno’s latest will be distributed by FOX Television Stations.

You Bet Your Life has an unrelated contestant couple engage in a humorous chat with the emcee then emcee starts the Q-and-A session. One famous feature is a bonus prize if a contestant utters the Secret Word anytime they’re with the host. YBYL isn’t about sky-high stakes, complex gameplay, or ad break-straddling suspense; it’s essential that emcee is capable of providing light entertainment.

Bill Cosby (1992-93), Richard Dawson (1988 pilot), and Buddy Hackett (1980-81) hosted later, lesser revivals. Several episodes starring Marx and his sidekick George Fenneman have seen DVD releases officially by Shout Factory and unofficially in public domain episode collections.

PDComedy.com has episodes of Groucho’s YBYL. YouTube, too, but it may also have videos from the other revivals.

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[REVIEW] Why is We Bare Bears: The Movie?

Disclaimer: Warner Bros provided me with a free copy of the DVD I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share are my own.

Also a disclaimer and a warning, I’m a late 30s male who knows about We Bear Bears only due to nieces who watched the show before.

We Bare Bears: The Movie (or WBBM) is a feature-length journey of big brother Grizzly (Eric Edelstein), smartphone-wielding Panda (Bobby Moynihan), and bear of many talents, Ice (Demetri Martin) forced to travel to Canada after causing some city-wide annoyances. This final adventure of the ursine trio would be most enjoyable to fans who stuck with the entire series. As an outsider, WBBM is very silly episode with a few pleasant nods to other WBB characters and a familiar iconic vehicle, a piecemeal plot, and pro-animal messaging muddled by pro-social media antics.

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Naomi Did Nothing Horribly Wrong in the 2020 Royal Rumble

In the 2020 women’s Royal Rumble match, WWE Superstar Naomi made her return. She’s one of the WWE’s best in pure athletic ability and, what I’ve seen from matches and Total Divas, one of the nicest people in a wrestling business that requires people to have a mile-deep mean streak.

Naomi, in making a Royal Rumble moment, avoids being eliminated from the match by landing on the barricade wall. Moving from the top of the barricade to the announce tables, she takes her time making her move back into the ring. Pacing along the three tables, she ultimately decides to cross to the ring steps via the table top. Continue reading “Naomi Did Nothing Horribly Wrong in the 2020 Royal Rumble”

NWA Press Conference Notes - 30 September 2019

National Wrestling Alliance held a press conference this morning at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta. They are holding TV tapings at the GPB Studios tonight and tomorrow and announced their weekly show will be on Tuesdays, 6:05pm on YouTube and Facebook Live. Here are some notes of what happened. I paraphrased comments, so there may be errors. Continue reading “NWA Press Conference Notes – 30 September 2019”

ANNIVERSARY! Super Mario Super Show Debuts in 1989!

For me, Nintendo-mania reached a fever pitch by 1989. September 4, 1989 is the premiere of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show starring Lou Albano and Danny Wells and the power plumbing brothers. Kids were astounded(?) with the cheesy variety-show-quality live action comedy mixed with the cheesy animation based on elements of Super Mario 1 & 2 Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, we all giggled at Link’s attempts to woo Zelda in the Legend of Zelda cartoon which replaced the Super Mario cartoon that day. Communism would fall and all was good.

As a six-year-old kid without a sense of good taste in entertainment, I was in awe of special guests to Mario & Luigi’s home(?) like Magic Johnson, Roddy Piper, Ernie Hudson, Inspector Gadget, and Captain Lou Albano. Six years old is probably the maximum age where someone could tolerate live action segments with the craft of a Brady Bunch variety show. That said, six-year-old me liked seeing Mario every weekday finishing each show with a dance (Do the Mario!) so I was entertained. Seven-year-old wasn’t pleased at the totally radical Club Mario nonsense that took away Capt. Albano and Mr. Wells a year later.

The cartoon segments were fine back then. The Super Mario animated stuff would sometimes rip off a movie or genre like Indiana Jones or James Bond. I recall it was odd that the fire flower was used a lot, but super mushrooms never came into play. The Mario cartoons would get slightly more ambitious with the later Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon, but limped along with the meme-tastic Super Mario World.

The Super Mario Super Show is up on YouTube and Netflix USA as I type this. Now swing your arms from side to side in Albano and Wells’ honor.

The Last O.G. Season Finale Could've Been Better

Let’s sum up TBS’ sitcom The Last O.G.: Tracy Morgan can anchor a show with varied personalities but his character, Trey, is scattered. Tiffany Haddish is woefully underused and her character, Shay, underwritten. The tenth episode, the season one finale, doesn’t wipe the slate completely clean for Trey.

In the season finale named “Clemenza,” Trey decides he wants revenge on Wavy for snitching on him. Trey, inspired by the Godfather films, plots a murder with his fellow ex-cons at the halfway house. Referencing The Godfather in this episode and in the pilot would be a witty reference if I cared so little about Italian mob movies and shows. That goes awry when Big Country couldn’t cleanly hide the gun in the coffee shop bathroom where there’s a hidden camera (more on that later).

Before Trey does the deed, he visits Shay’s house one more time. Shay is distraught that her husband, Josh, hasn’t come home last night. With the help of social engineering access to Josh’s credit card info, Trey finds Josh in a bar shirtless almost going out his mind relapsing to his old heroin addiction. After Trey and Josh have a talk and Trey shows off his new Air Jordans (Josh lets that credit card purchase slide), Trey is off to confront Wavy. Continue reading “The Last O.G. Season Finale Could’ve Been Better”