Jiro Dreams of Sushi Review

The staff of Sukiyabashi Jiro

Directed by David Gelb.

I’ll neither eat seafood nor pay hundreds of dollars per seat for the privilege of fine dining. Respect must be given, however, to Jiro Ono for drawing visitors to his special sushi experience in Tokyo. He may be reaching new peaks of fame as a octogenarian: he’s the oldest restaurant owner to earn the highly-coveted three Michelin Stars and gets to be a subject of this fine documentary. Continue reading “Jiro Dreams of Sushi Review”

Audio Auxiliary: Interview with Reboot's Joe & Sidney

Soon after a successful showing at Def Con, I interviewed the filmmakers of the techno-thriller Reboot, director Joe Kawasaki and producer Sidney Sherman. Both have graciously provided with me a half-hour of insights and experiences about Def Con, the making of the movie, the alternate reality game, Joe’s time in Kuwait, and more.

I have also spoken with star Emily Somers. Her interview can be found below. Here are notes from that interview. Continue reading “Audio Auxiliary: Interview with Reboot’s Joe & Sidney”

Monster Brawl Review

Source: http://www.monsterbrawlmovie.com/photos

Omg, I just can’t watch this ANYMORE!

I saw the case and HAD to buy it. This was crazy from Jump Street. It’s got pro wrestling manager Jimmy Hart in it! You have a tournament of creatures versus the undead . A vampire, mummy, the Frankenstein monster, Wolfman and more! Plus, anytime I can see Kevin Nash act, I’m just not gonna pass that up. Continue reading “Monster Brawl Review”