Ping Pong Summer Review


As syrupy sweet Ping Pong Summer is, there’s a lingering aftertaste after experiencing the nostalgia sugar rush. Maybe others will or have liked it as a novelty, but I’ve become jaded after seeing many teen movies and TV shows. This indie comedy-drama is writer/director Michael Tully a love letter to 1980s fun, but that’s all viewers get. Continue reading “Ping Pong Summer Review”

X-Men: Days of Future Past Review (SPOILERS)


The future, as described in this newest film, is bleak at best. Mutants and humans alike are all but extinct and only the X-Men can rise to the challenge. As humanity’s last hope, Logan must travel five decades into the past to prevent this horrifying future from ever taking place.

This is now my most favorite X-Men movie EVER! Fox has done a wonderful job saving this franchise with its newest installment. Of course, the cast is stellar and has really shown us that the X-Men are a formidable force throughout time. The villains in this movie are not all that they seem at first sight. Continue reading “X-Men: Days of Future Past Review (SPOILERS)”

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review


The Amazing Spider-Man 2…not quite amazing. Good, just not AMAZING. I guess I can do the bad news first and then work off the good news. Most people seem to like it that way. In this case, there was way too much back story for my taste. The groundwork was laid in the first movie and could’ve played throughout the first movie, in my opinion. Brief flashbacks could’ve been used instead of entire sequences. This pretty much muddled up the story line for me. Continue reading “Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review”

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Delivers the Goods [REVIEW]


Let me start off by saying I absolutely LOVED Captain America: The First Avenger. I regard it as one of the best superhero origin movies ever! Moving forward, I went into Captain America: The Winter Soldier with high hopes that the sequel could surpass the first movie. I could not be more pleased with this sequel. If this is the quality of movies we can expect to see from Marvel Studios in the future, things will only be getting better! Continue reading “Captain America: The Winter Soldier Delivers the Goods [REVIEW]”

REVIEW: Ya'Ke Smith's Wolf


Wolf is the story of Carl (Jordan Cooper), a young man suffering from the lingering effects of sexual abuse. His encounter with the local pastor (Eugene Lee) have left him confused and tormented. Carl’s parents (Mikala Gibson, Shelton Jolivette) struggle making ends meet. A potential scandal arises, but will Carl get the support he needs and deserves? Continue reading “REVIEW: Ya’Ke Smith’s Wolf”

About The Scorching Furor Over Michael B. Jordan As Human Torch


Here are my general thoughts about yet another “controversial” casting decision.

Michael B. Jordan discussing the possibility that he’ll be the new cinematic Human Torch ignited heated discussion of some Internets forums and comments sections. I personally don’t care either way since I’m not very excited about the Fantastic Four in general. However, I’m curious to know how 20th Century Fox will cross over Marvel’s First Family with the X-Men.

Some folks are arguing that casting a Black actor in a traditionally White role will ruin the movie forever and ever. It’s a tired argument by those who easily take offense at their precious icons. Continue reading “About The Scorching Furor Over Michael B. Jordan As Human Torch”

Robocop's 2014 Reboot Functional [REVIEW]


The latest model of Robocop refocuses, but not upgrades, the original. It’s a decent sci-fi action movie with good performances. Here MGM presents a near future where much of the technology featured are a few steps from being commonplace. Director Jose Padilha respects the main themes of the original while changing the context for a post-9/11 audience. The PG-13 rating means no all-out gore, but the 2014 Robocop avoids turning the hero into a toyetic action hero like in Robocop 3. Continue reading “Robocop’s 2014 Reboot Functional [REVIEW]”