Crowdfunding Catch: Go Extinct!

It’s been seemingly a bajillion years since I’ve played Go Fish, but one educator is looking to create the next evolutionary step in engaging card games.

Teacher and biologist Ariel Marcy of San Francisco concocted Go Extinct, a game that teaches the process of evolution based on Go Fish. She hopes kids will begin to love science via her contribution to “STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math). Continue reading “Crowdfunding Catch: Go Extinct!”

Wonder Woman Unbound Review


When you stop and think about Wonder Woman, who do you think she really is? To some, she’s THE female superhero. To others, they may have fond memories of Lynda Carter. I accept that she’s one of DC’s Trinity with Superman and Batman, but Wonder Woman seems like a token superheroine. I was pleased that Wonder Woman finally made to the big screen in the Superman/Batman movie, but not even long-gone TV show could form a definitive Wonder Woman in my head.

Tim Hanley, who runs Straitened Circumstances, a blog about Wonder Woman and women in the comic book industry, has written an extensive history of William Moulton Marston’s sensational creation. Hanley goes through great lengths to show how Wonder Woman remains a viable character after 70+ years. While one can glance a general history of Wonder Woman or look for specific points of her history online, Hanley brings together many contexts and subtexts. Continue reading “Wonder Woman Unbound Review”

Look At These Mind-Bending "Traveling Devices"


Hey, y’all! From the fine folks at The Device Gallery and publisher IDW comes Device Volume III: Traveling Device, a look at some of most industrial, mechanical, retro-est art pieces crafted. The Device Gallery’s artistic all-stars including Rik Allen, Monty Monty, and Nemo Gould have contributed their finest modes of transportation for the book, “Traveling Devices,” available in softcover. Hmm, this should be a coffee table book, but there’s no word on when that’ll come out. Continue reading “Look At These Mind-Bending “Traveling Devices””

Wizard World Sacramento Day Two Report


Where Paolo Rivera does dazzling doodling, Roshawn acquires awesome action figures made by NECA, and the kids have fun with cosplayers. Read Part One!

It was day two! We were running a little late but we figured we would be…we have kids. Not to mention that my son was dressing up in his Thor: The Dark World costume!

Needless to say, we showed up to a very crowded Sacramento Convention Center. LUCKILY my wife paid attention to the Wizard World site and used their “Preferred Parking” options. We paid for parking all up front for the whole weekend and just walked up to the Convention Center. We just needed to get the kids’ stickers and then we were in again! Continue reading “Wizard World Sacramento Day Two Report”

Wizard World Sacramento Day One Report

Wizard World Logo

Wizard World Sacramento! Three days of what was promised to be a pop-culture explosion for nerds everywhere. Special guests included cast members from, The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead, Sheamus from WWE, William Shatner (THE SHAT!), Stan “The Man” Lee, Bruce Campbell (GROOVY!) and, from Marvel’s The Avengers, Chris Hemsworth!

And let’s not forget about the comic book legends as well with talents such as Neal Adams, Tom Cook, Dan Brereton, Paolo Rivera, Chris Claremont, Greg Horn, Ethan Van Sciver, Jimmie Robinson and more!! This was going to be one awesome weekend! Continue reading “Wizard World Sacramento Day One Report”

WWE Slam City Toons Enter the Arena

WWE Slam City

Move over, Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘n Wrestling. WWE and Cartoonium have launched a new series of animated shorts to please the kids (and get them to buy all their playsets and toys). WWE Slam City are based on the Mattel action figure series starring toyetic versions of the WWE roster circa 2013.

That means Kane is the Big Red Machine, Mark Henry isn’t bald, and Dolph Ziggler is still important. The four debut stop-motion animated shorts are “A Big Brawl,” “Alberto the Barista,” “Auto-tude Adjustment,” and “Cafeteria Chaos.” Continue reading “WWE Slam City Toons Enter the Arena”

Check This Kickstarter: Writerase Dry Erase Notebooks

Writing is a necessary thing for me, but I hate wasting paper and pencil lead. I’m intrigued by Writerase notebooks because it features a reusable coated paper that can be readily used with dry erase markers. I can see this used as a note-taking option at high-minded places such as Apple or MIT. Continue reading “Check This Kickstarter: Writerase Dry Erase Notebooks”