Crowdfunding Catch: New G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Poster Almost Ready For Action


Robert Carson Mataxis built 3DJoes as a virtual shelf for action figures of the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line. A nostalgic trip awaits for visitors as they get a 360 degree look at the classic battling figure. Mataxis keeps 3DJoes free from advertising, preferring to sell posters of various figure sets. Now, he looks to Kickstarter to make a new G.I. Joe-related poster. Continue reading “Crowdfunding Catch: New G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Poster Almost Ready For Action”

110-Character Challenge: Is Valiant Hearts a Wise Game? [REVIEW]


Here’s my review, with additional thoughts, of the multiplatform video game, Valiant Hearts: The Great War. While I aim to keep my bite-size review in 110 characters or less, I missed by two characters. On the other hand, the triumphs and tragedies that occurred during World War I should not be forgotten.

Valiant Hearts shows WWI sacrifices & tech advances. All’s noisy on doggie puzzle front, but hint system’s fair.

Continue reading “110-Character Challenge: Is Valiant Hearts a Wise Game? [REVIEW]”

Will Gail Z. Martin Satisfy Urban Readers' Deadly Curiosities? [REVIEW]


I’m a newbie to the urban fantasy genre, but Gail Z. Martin’s Deadly Curiosities was a sometimes pleasant, sometimes eerie stroll through one the Deep South’s most interesting cities. At over 360 pages, Curiosities is the first major story in a greater narrative. I may have to read the Adventures short stories if I ever have time.

Martin gives readers plenty of magical strangeness with hints of splendor. The heroine is capable, but isn’t impervious. I must get accustomed to 300-plus page adventures where no stone is left unturned, but I think urban fantasy readers will enjoy Martin’s work. Continue reading “Will Gail Z. Martin Satisfy Urban Readers’ Deadly Curiosities? [REVIEW]”

TMNT Visual History Book Contains Much Turtle Power


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History by Andrew Farago should please all Turtles fans. The hardcover book doesn’t disappoint with big, clear sketches, drawings, animation cels, photos, etc. At almost 190 pages, Ultimate is almost a museum on the printed page. Farago puts together an impressive package; even the text shows enthusiasm for the subject and appreciation for their creators and stewards. Continue reading “TMNT Visual History Book Contains Much Turtle Power”

Bon! or Bonkers: Nintendo on Wii U Gameplay Streaming


Nintendo of America chief Reggie “FEES AH-MAY,” responding to Brian Crecente’s question about Twitch support on Wii U, says that Nintendo “[doesn’t] think streaming 30 minutes of gameplay by itself.” On the other hand, Fils-Aime asserts the success Nintendo has with Twitch with events such as Nintendo Treehouse Live and the Super Smash Bros. Invitational.

It’s well known that Nintendo has a spotty record of supporting whatever hot new trends competitors follow. However, Fils-Aime elaborates on why Nintendo feels that way and discusses alternatives. Do you think Fils-Aime’s comments are genuine (Bon!) or generally bizaree (Bonkers).

Read the full article by Polygon’s Brian Crecente for Reggie’s comments and rationale.

Bon! Reggie is Right!

* Watching people merely play games for 30 minutes is actually boring.
* Nintendo, family-friendly company they are, may appear to give consent to undesirable content.
* Nintendo prefers exciting highlights culled from matches (e.g. Mario Kart TV).
* Possible technical considerations not discussed which would drain computer power from the Wii U.

Bonkers! WTF, Nintendo

* Twitch is a very popular, so Nintendo is missing out on giving full support.
* Gamers have found creative uses for streams (e.g. chat interactions, voiceovers).
* Nintendo are simply control freaks waiting for the opportunity to get their cut.

How do I feel? From my limited perspective as a non-Wii U owner, lacking a Twitch channel/app won’t be as big of a deal like the GameCube’s lack of DVD playback or Wii outputting standard-definition video only. What do you think?

Sac-Con June 2014 Report: Power Rangers! Kevin Maguire! Cosplay!


Seeing the talent that they had lined up for the show, it was hard to think about doing anything else this weekend. I saw the Power Rangers Samurai cast (Alex Heartman, Najee De-Tiege, Steven Skyler and Hector David Jr.), Kevin Maguire (Justice League America and Guardians of the Galaxy), actor D.C. Douglas (Albert Wesker from Resident Evil video game series, Mass Effect character Legion) and many more! Continue reading “Sac-Con June 2014 Report: Power Rangers! Kevin Maguire! Cosplay!”