Writer Spotlight: J.T. Krul

Comic book creator J.T. Krul
J.T. Krul. Picture by Luigi Novi (CC BY 3.0)

Anyone been reading Captain Atom? OF COURSE YOU HAVE!!! The man behind this AMAZING book is none other than renowned writer, J.T. Krul. He has also worked on such titles as Mindfield (a personal favorite of mine), Fathom Beginnings, Soulfire, X-Men Unlimited, Green Arrow, Titans and Teen Titans (YAY!). Continue reading “Writer Spotlight: J.T. Krul”

Comics Collector PRO Review

Pic by Dave Fayram http://www.flickr.com/people/davefayram/ (CC BY 2.0)

Comics Collector PRO by Matthew & Lauren Szantyr; published 2012.

CCPRO, as the book’s abbreviated, is a guide written for comics fans making the transition to full-fledged collectors. The simplest advice is a given if you have a basic grasp of economics. The Szantyrs provide many references to resources and personal insights about the collecting business. Yes, collecting those floppies is a business. Continue reading “Comics Collector PRO Review”

ICON's 'Super Crooks' (They took my money...and I liked it)

‘Super Crooks’ took me by surprise. I don’t claim to have my fingers on the “pulse” of the comic book community or anything but this came out of nowhere for me. After the success of ‘Kick-Ass’ and ‘Nemesis’, which were both good reads as well, I decided to get the book. More importantly, I decided I would get every book under the ‘ICON’ label. But we will get into that later.

I opened the book and immediately liked what I saw. The art style of Leinil Yu leaves nothing to be desired. The way he captures the mood of the scene is amazing. The intensity of the characters is down-right awesome. When he draws something, you can tell the emotion of the character and it comes off well.

Halfway through the book I realized I had never read a book from this perspective before. I did read Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s ‘The Boys’, which is the only thing I can even begin to compare it to. Except that this book is from the villains’ point of view. It’s a new sensation, when reading, that the hero is a sort of background character. So far, the hero has just been there to introduce the villains’ problem. And that is where the bi-line comes in. “There are too many Superheroes in America. Let’s go somewhere else…” Continue reading “ICON’s ‘Super Crooks’ (They took my money…and I liked it)”

Justice League #7

I have to say this is one of my top five books out of the whole DC Universe reboot. The first arc was really good so I can’t wait to see what this new arc brings us. With new enemies emerging and personalities clashing, this “new” team is stacking up to be pretty well rounded. With the addition of Cyborg as a big hitter now, it is no wonder why this book is becoming a hit with old and new fans alike. Continue reading “Justice League #7”

Avengers: X-Sanction (If it ain't broke yet, come back to the past and make sure it doesn't)

Avengers X-Sanction #1 Cover
This series has not disappointed AT ALL. Even if you have no idea what is going on in current Avengers or X-titles, and I really don’t, then you can still love this series. For one, it has Cable. Cable is one of the coolest characters in the Marvel U and this is definitely his book to shine in. You get to see Cable play Judge, Jury and Executioner in this title. THAT’S the Cable I remember from the early 90’s. And what is there even possibly NOT to like about the team of EdEx? Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines have brought something that was much needed back to the table. Big muscles on big heroes with a smooth animated feel to round them out. I, personally, would love to see an animated series based on their art syle. I digress. Continue reading “Avengers: X-Sanction (If it ain’t broke yet, come back to the past and make sure it doesn’t)”

Avengers Assemble # 1 (Assembly Required)

Avengers Assemble #1 Cover
Just picked it up! I had to as soon as I saw it had Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley, Danny Miki and Paul Mounts as the team behind it. As soon as I opened it up, I figured I would like it. I love the way Bagley brings his characters to life. I even like the way the villains were “assembled”. It makes sense. The overall delivery of this book gets a 6 from me. I only marked it down because I was thinking that this was going to somehow tie-in to the upcoming Avengers movie. Was I wrong to believe that? Are they NOT the characters from the movie on the cover? Color me stupid but isn’t creating a new book dubbed “Avengers Assemble” and then putting all the characters from a movie that is coming out soon WHILE advertising said movie at the top of the cover kind of like false advertising? I mean, seriously? I bought the book for two reasons:
1) The team of Brian Michael Bendis, Mark Bagley, Danny Miki and Paul Mounts.
2) Because I thought it was somehow related to the movie.
I kind of feel cheated by buying this now. The story was alright (at best) but I was let down because of the reasons I actually bought the book. Needless to say, it gets a 6 based on the art and the camaraderie shown. They have obviously tacked onto more of the Avengers’ history so I will continue to see where this is going.

Image Expo -- Day Three

[See also: Part ONE & Part TWO – Ed.]

The day was upon us! The last day of Image Expo! I was so pumped! I just knew today was going to be great. We get down to the hall and are almost immediately let in. But before we would go in, I would ask that the people at the ticket booth take a picture of my family with John Huyler. John was the man that we met when we got there. He was actually working at the convention. He saw our family and our kids reminded him of his.

John Huyler

We started to talk and the guy was just really nice about everything. The guy was so nice and just a pleasure to be around so we had to get a picture with him. He had made the weekend a lot better just by being the guy he was. We took the picture and parted ways for a few. Continue reading “Image Expo — Day Three”

Scarlet Spider #1 Review

Kaine. Who would have thought ANYTHING from the ‘Clone Saga’ blunder could affect the here and now? Regardless, it’s a good read. ‘Scarlet Spider’ #1 takes place immediately after the events of ‘Spider Island’ (get it while you can!). Now a fugitive from the law, Kaine must now remain on the run from everyone…EVERYONE. You name a group, faction or agency, they are after him. If you can’t get all of the ‘Spider-Island’ series, at least pick up Marvel’s ‘Point One’ one-shot. This issue marks the official start in the new life of the Scarlet Spider.

Now that he is cured of his mental ailments, Kaine now has a chance to live his own life. And being a genetic clone of Peter Parker but not having the same upbringing, he must now figure out why he has this “nagging” sense of responsibility. It gets him into trouble half-way through the book after he hears a lady buried amongst the dead and digs her out. Even though he was trying to do the right thing, it just causes him to get into a problem that wasn’t his to begin with. Or at least not the brooding Kaine were just introduced to. Though he is cured of his mental problems, he still looks to the mental image of Peter Parker for approval. You can tell he looks up to him like he was his bigger, more popular, brother. With a new costume and some newer powers, THIS is the dark vigilante character that the Spider-family has been in need of for a long time.

Speaking of new powers, can Kaine possibly be Earth X’s “Spider-Man”? Time will tell.

Read the preview at Comic Book Resources!

My Image Expo Experience---Day Two

[NOTE: Here’s part one and part three!]

First off, this was the view from our room. AMAZING

View of Oakland

The show starts at 10 the next day (Saturday the 25th of February). I raced to get ready and got everyone breakfast. We walked down to the exhibit hall at 0945. There was a bigger line, but not anything as big as Wonder Con. We got in the MVP line. The excitement is uncontainable! The doors open. I rush to Ryan Ottley first! I pulled out my book and walked over to his booth. The look on his face…he knew I would be back. I pulled out my money to pay the kind sir and was on my way to rest of the convention.

Image Expo with the Rochesters

Continue reading “My Image Expo Experience—Day Two”