The Outcast #1: Skybound Knocks Another One Out of the Park [REVIEW]


Someone tell those Winchester boys that a new player has arrived in super natural territory.

This book should be required reading in Outdoing Yourself 101. Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Super Dinosaur and Invincible) and Paul Azaceta (Graveyard of Empires) take you to rural West Virginia to battle your inner demons…literally. Continue reading “The Outcast #1: Skybound Knocks Another One Out of the Park [REVIEW]”

Brass Sun #2: Worth Its Weight In Gold


Once every few years a book pushes the boundaries of conventional comics. THIS is that book. The overall story and art surpass that of most mass produced comics nowadays. My experience while reading this issue can only be compared to that of watching a Hayao Miyazaki film. The characters are rich and the story is captivating. I cannot get over how amazing this book looks. Continue reading “Brass Sun #2: Worth Its Weight In Gold”

110-Character Or Less Challenge: The Wicked + The Divine #1 Review

The Wicked + The Devine #1 alternate cover by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked + the Divine #1 is more about what it isn’t than what it is. The issue features some interesting personalities — gods finding enjoying in mortal bodies for a limited time. However, the meta-mythology being built is a haze of vagueness.

To be fair, some dialogue suggests that writer Kieron Gillen makes some acute self-analysis of the whys and hows of his world-building. I had to break out the Google/Wikipedia/Bing whatchamacallit to find out the meaning of several character names; yes, they’re sourced from several world religions. When one god with a notorious reputation is in trouble, I had to wonder who’s the most evil god in their hierarchy.

Artist McKevlie doesn’t disappoint while being ambitious. He plays around with some motifs, gives the god-celebrities stylish presence. He even provides a pop-art like “special effect” for certain displays of violence.

I wasn’t excited, but a little intrigued by how The Wicked + The Devine will go in its god-play. If you’re interested in getting a digital copy, Image Comics offers this comic DRM-free and downloadable for 299 cents, less than the 350-cent cover price.


Thanks to Image Comics for supplying a review copy.

NEWS-ISH: Brass Sun #1 Beats Competition… With Better Paper


As Brass Sun gets a 1,000-copy second print run after selling out 4,000 books, 2000 AD brought up one of my favorite comic book talking points: its paper.

The 2000 AD Twitter Droid may have revealed the secret to Brass Sun’s appeal: better paper density. It’s a relief that at least one publisher cares about the quality of the paper their comics are printed on. Continue reading “NEWS-ISH: Brass Sun #1 Beats Competition… With Better Paper”

Judge Dredd Concludes His Run in the City of Courts


A review of Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two: City of Courts issues #4 and #5.

Writer Douglas Wolk and artist Ulises Farinas finish up West Coast duty. Mega-City Two citizens have an anything goes attitude, but the “Dredd investigates baddie” procedural story is a bit prosaic. Farinas, however, never lets up serving a buffet of gleefully twisted artwork. Continue reading “Judge Dredd Concludes His Run in the City of Courts”

Future's End Versus Original Sin


Let’s measure DC’s Future’s End against Marvel’s Original Sin. So far I love that these two comic giants are going at it through use of big events. I always love it when there is something I can, as a reader, look forward to reading that I just know will shake the foundation of their characters. With that in mind, I decided to compare and contrast Future’s End title with Original Sin title. Continue reading “Future’s End Versus Original Sin”