Everyone should know this, but the very name of the splendour of the Interwebz comes from the phrases “like a red-headed stepchild” and “like a government mule.”

You don’t want to know some of the rejected names. Anyways, my braysayers, here’s the WHIRLED exclusive!



Redheads: In order for a redhead to be featured here at redheadedmule.com, they must primarily be known for having red hair. Anyone who constantly dyes their hair such that I didn’t realize they’re naturally red (Nicole Kidman*) are almost disqualified for “of the day” honors.

Oh, hi Ms. Dumas.

Mules: they don’t have to be strictly the child of a daddy donkey and female horse. They can be donkeys, other animals, games, devices, etc.


Media: While people are somehow attracted to pixel representations of pretty people, pr0n will not be shown. While people are far less attracted to hairy animals, the “Mule of the Day” feature will continue.

Example: Take Lily Cole, for example. I don’t really know much about her. She seems to work primarily in the United Kingdom. Even one YouTube commenter-sage said she resembles an alien. Seriously, are all redheaded men and women to be treated like exotic, distant whatchamacallits? Anyway, she publicly displays that fiery hair proudly so she qualifies.


Who wouldn’t want to draw their favourite ginger subject like John Romita, Sr. in Amazing Spider-Man #38? Or like that guy doing awesome drawings with just ballpoint pens?

Redhead Girl – Ballpoint Pen by =VianaArts on deviantART

Now that you’re enamoured with Ginger Nation, enter your comment, email webmaster@redheadedmule.com, or even visit one of those social media thingies that no one ever gets sick of.

* – Not sure whether the event shown occurred after their marriage. I just like a good misdirection from time to time.


Author: Clarence

Webmaster, editor, writer of Red-Headed Mule. RHM was founded in 2011. Currently is liking British TV better than U.S. TV, mayhaps.