Red-Headed Mule Introduction


This is Red-Headed Mule, a geeky take on popular culture and creative arts.

Red-Headed Mule is the home for independent commentary and insights about the media we consume. RHM strives to be fair without excessive bashing or praising.

The name itself comes from two idioms, “like a red-headed stepchild” and “like a government mule.” Site founder Clarence Riley likes quirkiness so a quirky name was chosen. The site, however, does not embody either phrase.

RHM spotlights redheads and gingers, but that’s not the main focus of the site. There’s much to discover. Whether you like movies, comics, and/or TV shows, RHM produces much for your reading pleasure. RHM also has commentary and interviews about interesting things.

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With our standards for quality and your support, Red-Headed Mule will become a site with strong Braying Power! Thank you and enjoy.

Author: Clarence

Webmaster, editor, writer of Red-Headed Mule. RHM was founded in 2011. Currently is liking British TV better than U.S. TV, mayhaps.