Avengers Week Epilogue

An Avengers Get-Together

I read Avengers Academy volume 2 and watched the latest episode of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. It was a Michael Korvac kind of weekend for me.

Oh, and that humble superhero movie made possibly eleventy billion dollars worldwide to date. Mr. Joss Whedon is possibly the toast of the town of Hollywood. There’s probably endless speculation about what’s next for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I had a great time watching it. The Avengers was my first midnight movie experience and my second 3D movie. Roshawn and I poured lots of effort in Avengers-related media recently. I hope you enjoyed the articles.

But this is likely the geekiest summer for Hollywood blockbusters! I personally can’t spend all my limited funds trying to get enjoyment out of everything. I have doubts about how good the Amazing Spider-Man will be. Only the Dark Knight Rises will challenge Avengers as best superhero movie this year. Based on the preview, Prometheus could be the best 3D movie this year. And there are probably other movies I’ve forgotten.

GI Joe Retaliation
My bad, Rock.
Stand down, Hulk!

At my local movie theater, there were trivia and costume contests and the MCU mega marathon. I saved my energy and didn’t attend. I was curious to what cosplay action would be in my small town. Oh, well. I only saw a man painted in green with a ripped shirt as I was getting my headphones.

If Joss planted specific points in his scripts where the audience would laugh, then he succeeded with pinpoint accuracy. Jordan landing 3-pointers on the Blazers in that ’92 Finals game accurate. Avengers is also the best Hulk movie to date. I was first concerned that Marvel Studios will make a running gag on who’ll play Bruce Banner, but Mark Ruffalo earned his six-movie contract.

Reviewing so much stuff about one media franchise is also the first time I made RHM ambitious. A problem with that: there are only two people writing stuff and real life priorities intervene. Example: it took far too long to finish Marvel Masterworks Avengers Volume 1. I was not prepared for reading 200+ pages of comics that were meant to be consumed on a monthly basis. A HULK-SIZED thank you goes to Roshawn for reviewing Avengers vs. X-Men issues one and two.

I was hoping to review other Avengers-related media that isn’t directly about the Avengers. The Avengers Academy review made it out Sunday. The Avengers Disassembled would have to wait for another day.

Thank you, readers. I hope you stick around and make yourself at home at this site. I won’t wall-to-wall with every major release but I hope you’ve got some enjoyment out of our posts. If you enjoy any of our articles, LIKE/SHARE/RETWEET/ETC them! Especially pass the link to your friends. This is the best to support RHM currently. See you later!

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