Under the Dome The Fire S01E02 Review [VIDEO]


It’s the 4th of July here, and I’m taking a scattershot note-taking approach to this. Apologies if the following seems incoherent. Spoilers follow.

Stupidity sets in somewhat in Chester’s Mill. Who knew that the Chekhov’s Gun of the tennis ball bouncing off the dome led to… a ricocheted bullet? Angie lies to Junior that she was sleeping with “Barbie” such that it almost gets “Barbie” killed. Miraculously, Junior didn’t kill Angie right then and there. Also, an act of villainy by evil clergyman #29345872 almost backfired.

One revelation found by young Joe McAlister: in addition to having weak radio signals pick up within the dome, the dome is also permeable to small traces of water. It also appears that those outside the bubble can’t see what’s going on inside.

under-the-dome-s01e02-water-hand under-the-dome-s01e02-water

Where Joe McAlister sees an analytical opportunity in the structure, Norrie shouts that the people under the doom are doomed.

Alas, poor Frank Lapidus Duke. When I saw Jeff Fahey’s name still in the credits, I wondered if they were going to have flashbacks or even something completely crazy like zombie sheriff. Young, pretty sheriff Linda is the de facto leader of law of order in Chester’s Mill. She learns from Rusty’s brother that her delayed honeymoon is in Hawaii, not that dumpy Niagra Falls. Both would be nice locations for me.

Where IS Chester’s Mill?

Who’s the better antagonist, Big Jim Rennie or Junior? Obviously, Junior is obnoxious and serves the purpose of someone for us to jeer immediately. Big Jim, on the other hand, is always thinking about executing his master scheme, whatever it is. One faint radio signal picked up by the local station indicates that the military did not put the dome there. Then who is Big Jim working for? Is Big Jim trying to protect Chester’s Mill from catastrophe (cf. the propane trucks)?

Wouldn’t that be a twist if Barbie knew of Big Jim’s plans all along? Anyway, “Barbie” had a fight with Julia Shumway’s husband, possibly over gambling debts. Things get ugly and our likeable rogue has shot and killed a man. “Barbie” returns to the scene of the crime and meets annoying Junior. Junior loses the fight and settles to be creepy once again to the now chained Angie.


Evil Preacher Man is in cahoots with Big Jim. Both learn that Duke’s will leaves everything to sheriff, so Evil Preacher must get to Duke’s house before she does. Evil Preacher discovers a propane bill then burns it. After declaring that the Lord works in mysterious ways, he dumps the burning papers in the trash bin then carelessly bumps the bin. Flames meet curtains and the house starts to burn down. Linda, that angel, had to rescue him.


One interesting moment afterwards is that Big Jim sees the burning house and… flees? Not really. The people of Chester’s Mill try to put out the fire with whatever containers of water they have, but Big Jim puts down Duke’s burning home before the fire spreads. Big Jim and Evil Preacher escape with their reputations intact. Unfortunately, neither man had mustaches to twirl.


Also, “Barbie’s” real name is Dale Barbera. I like typing “Barbie” better, though. He’s practically a deputy and no one except Junior questions him.

Double also, did Joe’s friend come from the 90s with the long hair and skater gear?

Final Nielsen rating: a bit under 12 million viewers and almost reaching a 3 in the 18-49 demo. (source: TV By the Numbers)

Watch a clip from “The Fire” from Under the Dome’s official YouTube channel:

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