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Under the Dome: Outbreak (S01E04) Review

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After four weeks, even I have lingering questions about the people of Under the Dome. Will Julia finally figure out the real Barbie? Is Linda in over her head as sheriff? Even better questions:

Will some of the leading ladies of Chester’s Mill get it together with many of the leading men being shifty?

Julia is starting to put two and two together in this episode, gathering stuff that would prove that Barbie was not “passing through.” Of course, we can’t have Julia figure out TOO quickly. Thus, this Under the Dome episode is the “hospital episode,” where many non-vaccinated people have fallen mysteriously ill.

I like the idea of having the people struggle with limited antibiotics and qualified personnel. I even didn’t mind that Big Jim authorized Junior to uphold the de facto quarantine, even if Junior had to flip his personality. This scenario finally gives Samantha Mathis’ Alice Calvert, a doctor, SOMETHING to do.

Meanwhile, Big Jim goes to the pharmacy for the needed antibiotics. The place is sadly trashed, but Big Jim finds the culprit: Reverend Loggins dumping the medicine in a fire. I guess it’s to give the viewers reason #2302480467 why Organized Religion is Very Bad or something.

Watch this clip from Under the Dome: Outbreak where Julia enters her husband’s office and Evil Reverend enforces “God’s will.”

I’m not sure whether Junior is two-faced or is turning into something resembling a hero. He does persuade the sick townsfolk not to rage their way out of the hospital and does tell Julia about his encounter with Barbie in the cabin. Strangely enough, Junior is pleased that he’s deputized by everyone’s favorite sweet, law enforcin’ naif.


Of course, he’s still a monster for his treatment of Maggie. Thankfully, VERY thankfully, Big Jim rescues Maggie from the flooded bunker at the end of the episode. This would be a good time to write Maggie out of the show, but she’s Joe’s sister. *facepalm*

Watch Big Jim save Maggie and also saves the viewers from more moronic Maggie moments:

At the cabin, Julia find a note then gets dizzy and faints. Was it notes from Stephen King to the producers? A copy of The Simpsons Movie script? It isn’t clear.

For more drama, Julia sees a vision of her husband. “I’ll tell you soon,” assures Dr. Shumway. I’m leaning away from any “Peter’s a ghost” theory.


After Barbie finds then returns Julia to the hospital, he tells her that he was an enforcer for a bookie. Julia tells Barbie of the Shumway’s financial struggles: she and husband Peter are broke and have a mortgage on their house. What Julia can’t figure out is that Barbie was responsible for her husband’s death. She DOES tell Barbie that he’s no longer welcome at her home.

Oh, by the way, WYBS DJ Phil has possession of Peter’s BMW and is somehow tied to the fates of the Shumways and Barbie. Not fun for me to see this web get MORE tangled.

Anyone watch the show for Joe & Norrie? They decide the record their own seizures. They also wonder what “pink stars are falling” mean. It’s weird seeing science geek Joe make sense of the metaphysical: “Because the Dome doesn’t want us to [tell anyone about what their seizures mean].”

Watch Under the Dome’s Joe & Norrie analyze their seizure:

Under the Dome would be a great show if the leading women weren’t so pathetic, excepting Linda because she’s supposed to be in over her head. But hey, Reverend Loggins got PAID in propane profits! PIZ-AID in cash money, Homes!

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