Under the Dome Blue on Blue S01E05 Review [SPOILERS]


Under the Dome season two should be announced any day now. With San Diego Comic-Con behind us, let’s get into this episode:

Ah, young romance. Joe and Norrie figure out their seizures and the purpose of the dome. Joe believes that if they get too close, they’d cause “feedback.” A pack of monarch butterflies cluster on part of the dome. Norrie believes that the dome is a cocoon and that the people inside will be “something new” when the dome goes away. Joe gives some nerdy factoid about caterpillars. Norrie thinks it cuuuuuuuute.

Cut to Maggie’s shoulder butterfly tattoo. Big Jim finds her so this finally be the week this Maggie-in-the-bunker crap be put to an end. Big Jim somehow isn’t convinced Maggie needs to be freed.

So Big Jim walks away… AW NAW, MAN! NOT THIS!


Big Jim turns and meets evil preacher Reverend Coggins (not HIM again, too). Coggins warns about “Moab” which carries Biblical significance. Then we’re given the pleasure of seeing Coggins receive transmissions from his “hearing aid.” Yup, that’s the source of his delusions.

Anyone else in Chester’s Mill clings on to their faith in God? No one?


Meanwhile, Barbie wakes up and notice Joe and Norrie’s wonder at the butterflies. Wow, Barbie was certainly close to that awesome happening. Barbie walks up to the dome and touches revealing the majesty of a uniformed military officer. Soon, they see a bus arriving. This, as Norrie puts it, is visitors’ day.

The opportunity for our heroes and zeroes to meet their loved ones allows Under the Dome to have some sappy moments including:

  • Linda and her fiance Rusty’s “kiss,” along with the reveal that they’re on the cover of People magazine. Linda later shares the bad news about his brother. Was that the sheriff who made that warning shot that ricocheted? Ah, who cares.
  • Norrie meeting her biological father for the first time and the ensuing drama when aaa sees him.
  • Julia’s sister-in-law shows her a letter from Peter basically saying he’s leaving her. Julia believes their marriage is finished.

Tonight, The Dome Gets Blown Up!

The REAL reason the powers that be are doing this gesture is because, as Barbie and Dodee find out, they’re going to blow up the Dome at 1:15 pm with MOAB, the Mother of All Bombs. Apparently, the dome is somehow altering magnetic fields. The butterflies’ swarm were the indicator to the government that action had to be taken. This causes many residents to seek shelter at the tunnels of a nearby factory.

The stuff about butterflies and magnetic field may be just a valid as a living smoke monster on a time-displaced island. I won’t verify it now, there’s more stuff to recap.

Watch Barbie and Dodee find out the truth about “Visitors’ Day” on Under the Dome:

Barbie tells Julia of an incident during his time in Iraq where he killed some of his own men. Super-trustworthy, that Barbie.

Skeeter Davis sings “The End of the World” as WYBS’ final broadcasted song. Before that, Beethoven played over the airwaves. That Phil is so surprisingly ECLECTIC!

To Barbie’s credit, he does attempt to tell Julia the truth. Big Jim changes his mind about Maggie (more on that later). He returns later standing next to Beth Broderick’s character in a her only scene.


Phil and Dodee have a pleasant slow dance. Linda stands at the radio stations where she and Rusty scribbled their love each other on a wooden rail. Alice and aaa can’t find Norrie, who’s a redhead?! Why didn’t they tell me? Julia and Barbie decide to find her and Joe.

The young duo run away as Norrie would rather be with Joe than her mothers. They find somewhere to sit and witness the missile falling on the dome. Their “final act” is to kiss each other, seizures be damned.


Watch the residents of Chester’s Mill prepare their supposed end on Under the Dome:

Everyone inside the dome survives. Norrie and Joe didn’t suffer any ill effects of touching each other. Barbie and Julia hold hands while seeing the destruction the missile left outside the dome. Five episodes in and they’re officially a couple.



Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Big Jim, who may have had some masterful, complicated plot involving Maggie running in his head, lets her go. Maggie flees. Junior returns and Big Jim confronts him about what happened in the bunker. An irate Junior decides to find Maggie. Big Jim is worried that his son could be despicable. The Rennie moral compass: plotting something with a creepy reverend and propane is A-OK, but no son of his should ever be cruel to his girlfriend.

Junior is already at the McAlister’s house in Maggie’s bedroom, gun in hand. No one dies, but Junior once again desires Maggie’s affection. Maggie consoles him while she’s obviously thinking “Gotta keep him sane. Don’t want him to snap.”

If she also thinks that there’s still good in Junior, she’s just as crazy as him.



The Rever-end

Coggins threatens Big Jim to “confess his sins” to the people by the next day or he’ll expose Big Jim. After the explosion, Reveerend Coggins meets Big Jim again. Reverend’s going blah-blah with the God talk, but Big Jim would have none of it. Jim jams Coggins’ ear against the dome making his ear bleed. The hearing aid smashed against the dome probably blew the reverend’s brain out. I think.

A butterfly then briefly stops at the dome, imagery which should be meaningless to Big Jim. Big Jim walks, probably to rethink his big plot against… whoever.

Watch clip from Under the Dome where Big Jim kills the reverend:

As long I don’t think too much, Under the Dome is enjoyable. Are YOU sticking around?

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