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Last week on King of the Nerds: Blextrophy triumphs for the first time and Brandon couldn’t handle the golf carts.

Show opens with a Star Wars parody playing up the tension between Joshua and Danielle. Joshua being a schemer made for good TV. However, Danielle reveals,

I never asked Josh. I know there’s a little part where [talking about having Josh voting for himself] and I was joking. I was not serious at all.

According to Danielle, it’s her display of sarcasm. Another proof that the editor is the powerful person on a reality show? Listen to my interview with her and the recently departed Brandon.

Who’s eliminated this week?

After winning that golf cart challenge, Danielle feels great winning the Nerd-Off.

king-of-the-nerds-s01e04-debate-topics-paperRobert and Curtis are the World’s Goofiest Superfriends. The Nerd War is a superhero debate. Celeste declares she’s out of her comfort zone. Alana mentions some legendary comic book creators. You know who’ll be an expert on the nature of superheroes? Alan Moore. Which comic creator is one of the least likely to be on a TBS production? Alan Moore.

Blextrophy (Blue) are looking over the topics for the debate.

Celeste is clearly uncomfortable taking notes about superhero stuff Virgil talks about.

Joshua is annoying Danielle. Ivan: “This isn’t Nerdvana. This is Nerd Hell.”

Has Alana written a comic book script?

At the first commercial break: current DC comics plugged: 0. Face/Off on Syfy at least had Justice League Dark #16 recently.

Nerd War: Superhero Debate

Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Gordon Stables


  • Gordon Stables
  • Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes, not dressed as Jay and Silent Bob, unfortunately.

In addition to being a writer, director, and all-around funny guy, Kevin Smith loves and writes comic books. Know you and Celeste know of Kevin’s comic nerd cred. Anyone can look up the story of how Clerks was made.

If you’re the type who are into debates, then you’ll find topics like:

  • Whether it’s better to have superpowers at birth or later.
  • Whether superheroes inherently super-villains thus creating more problems.
  • Whether superpowers give heroes immunity from prosecution.

You’d this debate amusing. No, I won’t transcribe every word uttered. Who do you think I am? CRZ?

At least the Nerds get to wear some nifty blazers on their way to the Nerdatorium. Go blazers!

Off the Nerds go

Alana vs. Ivan

Alana would’ve liked a lower cut shirt. That isn’t superheroic. Anyway, she cites Spider-Man and Captain America in her argument supporting superheroes having power later. She didn’t convey confidence in her delivery. Even Joshua notes the lack of confidence.

Ivan cites Superman and Thor, but he covers very basic points.

The judges prefer Ivan and he picks up the first point.

Genevieve vs. Joshua

Joshua makes an almost convincing argument for supervillains taking advantage of cities in the absence of heroes citing Dark Knight Returns, but mixes up Frank Miller with Mark Millar. Wee little mistake, laddie.

Genevieve points out his error. She cites Mr. Mxyzptlk terrorizing Superman with magic. Final line: “It’s only too bad when the mortals when the gods in Heaven roar. This mortal is tired in living in the aftermath.” Sorry, Genevieve fans, she doesn’t sing at any point.

Jay challenges Genevieve to say Mxy’s name backwards.

Joshua’s substance beats Genevieve’s style as the Servants of the Forsaken Orb is up 2 to nil.

Celeste vs. Danielle

Sadly, Celeste was lost delivering her speech. Danielle stayed on-topic and spoke with the conviction. It should be a cinch for Orange. And it is. Danielle excelled at her end of the debate, and it’s not even close.

Final Score

Servants of the Forsaken Orb (Orange) – 3
Blextrophy (Blue) – 0

In the aftermath, Genevieve was crying about Kevin Smith not picking her. Now there’s a new idea for a comic book: Kevin Smith: Heartbreaker.

Meanwhile, Orange gets to do indoor skydiving to the max.

Nerd-Off: Superhero Trivia

kotn-danielle-slaps-brandonOrange considers Genevieve and Virgil, who Moogega compares to Rain Man. Back in Nerdvana, Danielle and Joshua bicker some more. Danielle gets to slap Joshua then both make peace and a pinkie promise to come together as a team.

Aww, fwiendship!!!!

Alana’s worried that she’s going to the Nerd-Off. Her performance at the debate didn’t help.

Virgil pleas with Ivan not to be voted. Ivan takes the opportunity to unveil the Nerdfather in his confessional. On a scale of zero to Chicken Panda, the Brando impression is middling.

Alana…hangs around at Moogega and Danielle’s room. That’s an odd campaign to stay on the show.


Blextrophy votes Alana. The Servants vote for Genevieve. They’ll be tested on superhero knowledge with two hours preparation time.

king-of-the-nerds-s01e04-supernerds-alana-genevieveGenevieve studies Wikipedia. Insert Wikipedia-is-unreliable joke here. Celeste hugs Genevieve for moral support. Alana has Joshua help her.

Both Nerd-Off contestants come out in standard-issue superhero outfits. Celeste is certainly impressed with Genevieve’s costume. Alana declares the Nerd-Off an “epic battle of nerdy girl on nerdy girl action!” As the geek viewership rises, baby Ted Turner weeps.


It’s a trivia contest. Get a question right, break through a wall.

Genevieve wins 4-1. Genevieve blasts the final wall then cuts a victory promo against the Servants.

Alana is gone from King of the Nerds.

There you have it. If you want more about Kevin Smith and superheroes, watch his account of the making of the failed 1990s Superman movie. Below, for posterity, are the trivia questions and choices. I won’t supply the answers; you probably came here via Google and I trust you know how to…look for stuff.


Genevieve is ready for action. She’s clearly all serious business because she wasn’t about to break out in song. Heartbreaker better watch out!

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Nerd-Off Questions

Which of these names does NOT belong to prominent Batman villain?

A) Basil Karlo B) Simon Maddox C) Thomas Elliot D) Roman Sionis

Which superhero first appeared in Action Comics #1, along with Superman?

A? Plastic Man B) Aquaman C) Captain Comet D) Zatara

Which of these doctors acutally has a medical degree?

A) Dr. Mid-Nite B) Dr. Destiny C) Dr. Impossible D) Dr. Occult

In what year did Superman first appear?

A) 1951 B) 1938 C) 1929 D) 1941

Hawkeye’s villainous brother?

A) Trickshot B)Deadshot C) Deadeye D) Bullseye

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