King of the Nerds Live Review - The King is Crowned (S01E08)



Welcome to the live blog of the season finale of King of the Nerds. Read on for my thoughts.


king-of-the-nerds-king-is-crowned-celeste-macroDid Celeste Anderson deserve to win? YES! I’m taking the producers & Turner Broadcasting on good faith that King of the Nerds is legit in that the winner is decided fairly.

We didn’t get a Royal Song of Victory from Genevieve, a special lecture from Ivan’s Chicken Panda, or a boisterous celebration from Danielle, but it’s heartwarming to see Celeste’s acceptance. She displayed better coordination and sense of direction than Ivan and more savvy about video games than Danielle.

If you think the voting wasn’t fair, take it up with the five people who voted for Celeste.

I realize the show is part of the TV business and it’s subject to selective editing. It’s easy to be cynical, but I want those tears to be real and the victory hard-earned.

It’s been fun. Maybe you’ll be interested in the Nerds’ intellectual pursuits. Nah, it’s just TV, they’re just fuzzy memories, aren’t they? Let’s not care about the novelists, scientists, hackers, or the rest who’ve joie de vivre. All reality contestants are more blurs than people. Especially those who have the capability to change our world.

If you’re one of those who’ve read my recaps, I thank you. I don’t know if I’ll return for a 2014 season, but at least we’ll always have thoughts of able assistants Mindy Thompson & Lou Ferrigno, Jr.

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Thank you again, and congratulations, Celeste.

Live Blog Continues Below:

10:59 – That was an awesome season. Congratulations to Celeste.
10:50 – Genevieve’s parting advice: consult a financial adviser. Better than what Danielle’s parting words would’ve been.
10:57 – Virgil picks Celeste. Celeste wins King of the Nerds season 1.
10:51 – Alana picks Celeste.
10:49 – Ivan chooses Genevieve noting her winning 3 Nerd-Off victories and her “mettle.” Moogega picks Genevieve. Classic 3-3 tie.
10:48 – Jon picks Celeste, noting her ability to never give up. Brandon picks Celeste. Celeste has 3 votes to Genevieve’s 1.
10:48 – Hendrik chooses Genevieve, Danielle votes Celeste, but still WANTS TO WIN!
10:45 – Celeste’s speech is very humble. Not the approach I would’ve taken, but at least she may have Danielle’s vote.
10:43 – Genevieve and Celeste make their final pleas. Genevieve reminds us that she won 3 Nerd-Offs.
10:37 – So, it’s the ultimate vote by the losing Nerds to determine the winner. Obviously, Danielle ain’t voting for Genevieve.
10:35 – Oh, Hendrik, you awkward guy, you.
10:33 – Figures that the losing contestants return. Old reality show trick. :D
10:28 – Danielle won’t be King of the Nerds, but she isn’t finished yet…[ad break]
10:27 – Peter Parker’s Newspapaer? Celeste & Genevieve get it right (Daily Bugle) and are the final two!
10:26 – Math & Logic for 1 point. If 7/8 is changed to a decimal it equals: 0.875. Celeste’s wrong on that one.
10:25 – Sci-fi for 3 points: Millennium Falcon flew the Keseel in (12) Parsecs.
10:25 – What was Virgil’s final score in the Nerd War in the copter? Celeste’s right on that one.
10:24 – Which is not in the Smithsonian? Mortal Kombat. Celeste & Genevieve are right.
10:24 – Celeste & Danielle are right. Celeste picks Video Games for 4 points
10:23 – Genevieave chooses Comic Books for 3 points: What comic did Wolverine first appear? (Incredible Hulk)
10:22 – Who created the video game Pong? Celeste & Genevieve are right.
10:21 – 2nd Nerd War – Trivia with various nerd-related categories. Danielle takes Video Games for 5 points.
10:21 – Danielle still REALLY WANTS TO WIN!!!
10:15 – Yes, the King of the Nerds will be a woman. Ivan Segways his way out.
10:14 – Danielle is 1st, Genevieve is 2nd, Celeste is 3rd, Ivan is 4th.
10:13 – Ivan makes a wrong turn. Danielle: In my game, Orcs kill Dragons all the time!
10:11 – SUNDAY, SUNDAY SUNDAY! Curtis Armstrong will shout THIS SUNDAY!
10:09 – Our intrepid crew.
10:07 – What if I die in the Maze of Terror, asks Celeste. I’d say you’d have an awesome zombie Twitter account.
10:06 – First Nerd War: Moving a mave with the “Nerd Movers.” Segue to Segway hijinks.
10:04 – So, a might wind will swoop in Nerdvana if Celeste wins?
10:03 – Danielle really WANTS TO WIN! Ivan’s being a bit of a dreamer.


See a sample clip of tonight’s episode. Don’t expect too much:

I don’t have predictions, but I had Genevieve as the favorite and Celeste as the underdog last week. Genevieve has won three Nerd-Offs, so she’d be the most experienced in adversity. Celeste, AFAIK, hasn’t been in any Nerd-Offs and should be happy that Moogega sacrificed herself.

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