King of the Nerds: It's Robot Dodgeball Time!


Will these Nerds learn that it’s probably not a good idea not to keep sending one person to Nerd-Offs? Zack, strong in mind but weak in upper body strength, is on his way to earning a coveted honor: “The Genevieve.”

What’s that? Well, Genevieve from last season was forced into several Nerd-Offs, winning them all. I think I might have asked about the pressure she must have had in our interview.

Anyways, this “Zack is so lame, he must be gone, teehee” meme is getting tired. Also, this season should be subtitled “CUT TO XANDER BEING ZANY.” Now, Onto the recap!

(Warning: may contain humor.)

Both teams return from the last Nerd-Off where Mary Kate loses to Zack in that Battleship-with-dice event. Zack jokes drinking too fast “the best part about it is that you get to see me choke on it.” Hah

The next day, Bobby and Curtis assemble the Nerds for the next Nerd War. Kayla stumbles identifying Bobby’s C-3P0-like getup then shrugs it off saying “Star Wars suck.” Thanks, Lucas, for losing another potential fan. Curtis is an 80s gym teacher complete with the obligatory short shorts.

Since Titans of Rigel outnumber Midas Touch Attack five to three, teams must be evened. Katie draws the Golden Token of Circumstance which allows her to move to MTA.

Our Teams

Midas Touch Attack

Jack, Nicole, Zack, Katie (moves from ToR)

Will MTA supply Katie with blonde hair dye?

Titans of Rigel

Chris, Brian, Kayla, Xander

Nerd War: Robot Dodgeball

24 hours to build a robot.

Teams’ robots are judged on creativity and execution, teams losing on those merits will have one robot removed.

Upon hearing the challenge, Xander lets out a #GlitterFit. I tacked on that hashtag sign, not him.


Into the RadioShack (TM) TARDIS (TM)!

Zack, a runner, unleashes his guns for all the world to see.

Titans may miss Katie, but they decide to make individual robots repping their personalities. Katie is adjusting to her new team, taking charge in building bots that are based on Battlebots and Grant Inahara.

Katie asks “Who doesn’t love a good action movie with a robot?” Well, if those movies are helmed by Michael Bay and last over two hours long, then that’s me.

Future Vegas bookmaker Jack gives his probability of each teams’ winning.


After MTA blunders, Katie is going to cry. Not again.

Titans’ strategy is to use two big robots which will protect two smaller ones. Chris is pleased at the engineering-based Nerd War.

Purple also practices their dodgeball skills, especially Kayla. Especially Kayla.

Part 1 – Judging


Matt Winston of the Stan Winston school and Nerdbot.

Titans’ robots are themed after how their personalities are shaped by their TARDISes or something like that.

Xander – Red Dragon, because he lives in a fantasy world.

Chris – A repair bot, which movements Nerdbot find “very suggestive.” Xander takes offense at Nerdbot coming onto Chris’ bot.

Kayla – Mars rover that Winston likes.

Brian – homage to proust & Tolstoy. Nerdboy prefers Asimov who, according to the mean machine that it is, is the only author.

MTA has their BattleBot theme

Jack has Paranoia, the Intimidation Machine (TM). Nerdbot observes that it looks like a toaster on a skateboard. I simply find it ugly.

Nicole presents her Mutilator, the spinning wonder.

Zack shows off the spiky-streamery Fluffy, which reminds Nerdbot of the world’s saddest Christmas Tree. It’s looks tacky. All of the silver bots look like they’re wrapped in cheap aluminum foil.

Katie has the most sophicated and cool-looking bot, Carnage.

Titans of Rigel are judged the winner partly because they told a story. Katie’s bot should’ve put Midas Touch Attack over the top.

NerdBot destroy’s Jack’s bot. Good.


Part 2 – Dodgeball

MTA are on offense and hit both bots in 1:18.

Titans are nexr and hit both bots in 1:08.

Next round

Zack hits both bots quickly in 23 seconds.

Titans’ Brian and Xander are against Zack, who drives the lone robot, Carnage. In an anticlimax, the bot goes slightly over the barrier and while Zack tends to it, Titans land the winning blow on Carnage. Too bad.

Nicole consoles Zack. It must be mind-crushing for Zack, but gaming skills are not RC skills.

Final Box Score

MTA        1:18    0:23    1:41
Titans  1:08    0:07    1:15

Each Titan gets $1000 in Radio Shack stuff. Nice job promoting the store after that nostalgic Super Bowl commercial, TBS.

Nerd-Off – Zombie-Nerd-Plunk

Rules: first Nerd to release 150 zombie body parts while pulling out stakes loses.

Titans unanimously vote Nicole, MTA votes Zack. Nicole and Zack bicker some more.

Nicole explains it likely inspiration, the logic puzzle Kerplunk. There’s even a nifty graphic all but giving away what the challenge is.

Time to bring out the zombies. One of them looks a lot like Ivan. Another is a nerdier version of Joshua. Wow, this show is brutal on former contestants.

I think I know who the other zombies are. They’re siblings Joan and John Cusack!


This Nerd-Off challenge is indeed based on the game Kerplunk. It was closer than it should be: after the last break, Nicole has 144 to Zack’s 118. Nicole has a good turn only releasing 5 zombie parts then Zack unleashed a barrage of undead leftovers: 26 of them. Unfortunately, Nicole, my first season two interviewee, didn’t have a flawless next turn.

Zack defeats Nicole 144-150. Dangit, Nicole.

Zack has pulled off The Genevieve, winning three Nerd-Offs this season. Nicole consoles herself saying she went out like a boss. Boss Hogg? Nerdbot finally crushes his Nerd.

More: My pre-season interview with Nicole.

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