Spider-Man vs. Lizard Cartoon Battles 1990s

Cartoons in the 90s could now gain critical acclaim and acceptance by many adults. This version of Spider-Man has deep continuity, some stunt casting, and computer-generated backgrounds for some city scenes. Dr. Connors is an important secondary character as Peter Parker’s professor and friend in science.

Here are the documented appearances of Connor’s alter-ego, the Lizard. He’s played by Joseph Campanella.

Other animated battles between Spidey and the Lizard!

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Spider-Man vs. Lizard Cartoon Battle 1981

It’s 1981 and Spidey survived the Electric Company and Disco. The wall-crawler is now drawn closer to the standards of John Romita, Sr. This 26-episode series tries to be more ambitious than the previous 60s Spidey series. Spidey encounters the Lizard again, but this time the reptile isn’t settling for scaring Floridians. Continue reading “Spider-Man vs. Lizard Cartoon Battle 1981”

Spider-Man vs. Lizard: Cartoon Battles 1967

A certain new Spidey film franchise is about to start. Spider-Man and the Lizard are fighting already in the latest Amazing Spider-Man comic book arc. But let’s go back to when Webhead was a relative greenhorn…

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