Who Still Wants To See Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

Over 15 years ago, ABC’s Who Wants To Be a Millionaire was THE TV event of late summer. It pushed the boundaries of what game shows were (Million dollar top prize! Dark and moody lighting!) and its popularity sparked an explosive end to a humdrum decade in the quizzer genre.

Millionaire went from a worldwide phenomenon helmed by Chris Tarrant, Regis Philbin, and others to… something far from its glorious late-90s, early 2000s heyday. Here in the U.S., it’s limping along with its fourth syndicated weekday host and a third major format tweak (i.e. “back to basics”).

Tim “Loogaroo” Connolly documents his thoughts:

Without question, WWTBAM was one of my all-time favorite shows. It captivated my attention from the word go, and I was among the throngs of people calling the show’s toll-free number every opportunity I got, hoping to get the call that would give me the opportunity at a big win. I even constructed a fansite for the show, doing my best to chronicle the exploits of each contestant before the constant waves of new contestants got to be overwhelming.

Source: Final Answer, Interrupted: The Delayed Demise of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire – The Bloog

Hollywood Game Night, But That's Another Story To End the Season?


Finally after a few weeks, a new episode of Hollywood Game Night. However, I think this is the last new episode of the season, so I hope to continuing recapping next… whenever. This episodes, titled “Game Night, But That’s Another Story,” was a good contest with the typical cool variety of games presented by excellent emcee Jane Lynch. Continue reading “Hollywood Game Night, But That’s Another Story To End the Season?”

Hollywood Game Night, Where Clue-Boom-Mania Sweeps the Nation


On this episode, “Clue Boom-Boom Pow!” Franklin WILL play against Bash, unwitting people WILL get humiliated by exploding confetti, and one contestant shouts “Yes!” so much that I think Daniel Bryan is his contestant coordinator.

Let’s jam with Jane as we go through this recap! Continue reading “Hollywood Game Night, Where Clue-Boom-Mania Sweeps the Nation”

Hollywood Game Night Recap: Anthony Anderson & Yvette Nicole Brown Battle As "Champions"


This episode is titled “Battle of Champions,” but the twist is that two celebrities are returning champions, not the contestants. One of whom is very annoying. The losing civilian may receive something frightening: a Celebrity Fusion portrait. Okay, emcee Jane Lynch’s being tongue-in-cheek, but that prize is freakier than a Zonk.

Also, celeb bookers were thisss close to arranging a Zack/Kelly Saved By The Bell quasi-reunion as Mark-Paul Gosselaar sits on one of the couches next week. Oh, well. Continue reading “Hollywood Game Night Recap: Anthony Anderson & Yvette Nicole Brown Battle As “Champions””

[PHOTOS] Hollywood Game Night Returns to NBC Thursday

Christina Applegate, Sean Hayes, Olivia Wilde

NBC has released photos for the next two episodes of Hollywood Game Night. Thanks, Peacock! Hollywood Game Night, with its fun (unless it involves Martin Short) gameplay and upcoming merchandise may boost the ailing Thursday Night lineup. I may exaggerate, but its steady ratings in the mid-1s are a boon compared to the cancelled rookie sitcoms starring Sean Hayes and Michael J. Fox. Continue reading “[PHOTOS] Hollywood Game Night Returns to NBC Thursday”

Hollywood Game Night Home Game Hits (Walmart) Stores 15 February


Finally, the Party Box of the SMASH HIT (by NBC standards) game show, Hollywood Game Night, is coming soon. Jane Lynch greets us on the box art with a hearty “Hee-Yeaaa!” while blurry non-celebs have the time of their lives. Walmart customers will get their opportunity to get it the day after Valentine’s Day. Others shoppers will find it in other stores after Walmart’s exclusive window ends. The Party Box is currently available at the NBCUniversal Store for pre-order. Its release there is on 7 March.

What would make it an impressive late Valentine’s Day gift? Including a gameplay add-on card describing the “Martin Short Experience,” which is guaranteed to be most memorable part of home games. Anyone imitating Martin Short’s antics won’t be guaranteed to keep their friends, though. Continue reading “Hollywood Game Night Home Game Hits (Walmart) Stores 15 February”

Hollywood Game Night - Kaley Cuoco, Chris Colfer, Taryn Manning & Other Stars Play


“Orange Is the New Game Night” will be the last new episode for a while. I’m glad, because NBC rushing two shows back-to-back is the sign of a mediocre network with too many scheduling holes to fill.

That said, Hollywood Game Night is doing what it needs to do: not drag the Peacock down before the Olympics and the Spring cycle of The Voice. The ratings are steadily in the mid-1s in the 18-49 demographic. I’ve been enjoying Jane and her celebrity pals, even if I didn’t have time to see the Christmas special or last week’s doubleheader. On with the recap! Continue reading “Hollywood Game Night – Kaley Cuoco, Chris Colfer, Taryn Manning & Other Stars Play”

Hollywood Game Night 2014 Premiere Episode Recaps


Thanks to NBC scheduling, there’s a load to review. The first episode, Party Boys vs. Game Night Girls is very painful to watch thanks to Martin Short. Maybe at comedy, he’s an insufferable genius, but on this show, Short’s just insufferable.

The new episodes are brought to us from the much roomier Jane Lynch Estates. I preferred the previous set, but this one’s okay.
The second episode, “Thing That Go Clue-Boom in the Night,” is much better. Below is an abridged recap of both episodes. Sorry, no round-by-round breakdowns I did on the last season of Hollywood Game Night. Continue reading “Hollywood Game Night 2014 Premiere Episode Recaps”