Sac Anime Summer 2014 Report


Having gone to this convention for the past few years, it always surprises me that there are a huge amount of people that like anime as much as, and in a lot of cases even more than, I do. Walking up to the Sacramento Convention Center, there was an almost serene calm. We walked up via the Kay Street cobblestone walkways and were slightly amused by the change in scenery as we turned the corner. Though this side of the convention center was dead, at our immediate left was a metropolis of cosplayers and anime fans alike. Continue reading “Sac Anime Summer 2014 Report”

Wizard World Sacramento Day Two Report


Where Paolo Rivera does dazzling doodling, Roshawn acquires awesome action figures made by NECA, and the kids have fun with cosplayers. Read Part One!

It was day two! We were running a little late but we figured we would be…we have kids. Not to mention that my son was dressing up in his Thor: The Dark World costume!

Needless to say, we showed up to a very crowded Sacramento Convention Center. LUCKILY my wife paid attention to the Wizard World site and used their “Preferred Parking” options. We paid for parking all up front for the whole weekend and just walked up to the Convention Center. We just needed to get the kids’ stickers and then we were in again! Continue reading “Wizard World Sacramento Day Two Report”

Power Rangers Cast, Cosplayers At Sac Anime Sunday!


It was the last day of Sac Anime and I really wanted to take my kids to see the Power Rangers. I went as a fan and not a member of the press but I still had a lot of access to the special guests as the convention was small enough that it was not overwhelming for them.

We started our day off by picking up our tickets at the Sheraton hotel. The tickets were $20 per adult and children eight and under were free. The event staff was very nice and even helped me sign up for the next convention right there on the spot. From there we made our way up the street to the Sacramento Convention Center. We were lucky enough to bump into a few cosplayers on the way and were even luckier to have taken pictures with our kids. Continue reading “Power Rangers Cast, Cosplayers At Sac Anime Sunday!”

Bonding with Lela Gwenn & Richard Kadrey


You’ve seen adventures where someone, like the damsel-in-distress or even the hero/heroine is bound and/or gagged. If that’s your fantasy then here’s a lady and her photographer who could make it a reality.

Lela Gwenn is a model, erotic writer, and, best of all, geek. She is starting an Indiegogo campaign called “nerdBondageProjeKt.” Her photographer for her project is Richard Kadrey, the Sandman Slim writer who’s no stranger to fetish photography.

Contributors to nerdbondageprojeKt get to decide what she gets to wear. Choices in the running include:

  • Catwoman
  • Leeloo Dallas
  • Death from Sandman
  • Kaylee from Firefly
  • 10th Doctor genderswap.

What follows is a chat I had with both over a calm Thursday night (for me, at least). They’re very engaging and I’m pleased to have been in the company of some charming people. Continue reading “Bonding with Lela Gwenn & Richard Kadrey”

Cosplayers Valentine's Day Survey


We all know how great they are in costume, but how can the brains function when I throw these timely Valentine’s Day questions at them? We at RHM have interviewed these wonderful cosplayers, and it’s time to revisit them briefly.

This survey gathers the awesomeness of some of your favorites. You may even become a new fan of another! Continue reading “Cosplayers Valentine’s Day Survey”

Interview: Dagger Six

Master Chief
Master Chief photo by OneShotArtist

Dani Yuan, Dagger-6, went from proud Marine to space marine. Anatomy of War creator Roshawn Rochester chats with the cosplayer, photog, and film omni-talent of the Halo fan community. -Ed.

Red-Headed Mule: Can you explain what Dagger-6 Productions is for the people that don’t know?
Dagger-6: It’s basically just a slightly more official sounding name I can use for branding. There’s this trend of cosplayers often utilizing pseudonyms for a measure of initial privacy, plus it sounded better in my head than “Dani’s costumes, films, photographs, and other random hobbies”. Looks nicer on business cards too. Continue reading “Interview: Dagger Six”