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Listen to Some Sega Jams


Hey, braysayers! There are some imaginative remixes, mash-ups, and other stuff about that a certain humble Japanese video game company. There’s a lot of interest in Sonic 3 when it was revealed that Michael Jackson was once involved in the game’s soundtrack. For whatever reason, he dropped out. The original video on YouTube has been gobbled by the copyright monster, but some imaginative musicians still managed to fuse Sonic soundtracks with popular songs of the late-80s/early 90s. Continue reading “Listen to Some Sega Jams”

Chris Pickett of CHICKENANDROFLS Interview


If you’ve made it to the end of many of our podcasts, you’ve heard this triumphant tune:

Now, I get to chat with the prolific maestro behind many, many bleep-blooping works, Chris Pickett of CHICKENANDROFLS. Chris is currently planning to make a movie called Gothmog. He is accepting donations through purchases of MP3 copies of his soundtrack through BandCamp. Let’s delve into the mind of Chris, shall we? Continue reading “Chris Pickett of CHICKENANDROFLS Interview”

Interview: Marjorie Becker "Chiptography"


Marjorie Becker (Chiptography) is a photographer and a friend to the chiptune community. According to her website, her pictures have been published in places like Time’s website, Kotaku, EGM, and Time Out New York. This NYC native is looking forward to seeing Tokyo to attend Blip Festival Tokyo.

She currently has a Kickstarter project that needs support. At the time this interview’s published, there’s less than a week left to help in the funding effort. I thank Ms. Becker for taking the time to answer these questions. Hopefully, readers will develop a further appreciation for chiptunes. Continue reading “Interview: Marjorie Becker “Chiptography””

ChipTunesDay - Mega Man 2 Soundtrack

In my opinion, Mega Man 2, released in 1988, is one of the first epic video game soundtracks. The variety of tunes really helped made MM2 as one of the better Mega Man games. Thank you, Takashi Tateishi!

Mega Man 2 Box Art

Below is a small playlist of mostly covers of the soundtrack. YouTube has tons (TONNES!) of guitar covers of Dr. Wily’s first stages, by the way. The last part of the playlist is the original Dr. Wily stage music Continue reading “ChipTunesDay – Mega Man 2 Soundtrack”

Chiptunesday - Wrestling Week Edition

Remember those old LJN games? Here’s one awesome application of chiptunified “Stand Back:”


With the right program and the right plugin, you can experience the 1980s-1990s just like struggling Ninja Gaiden-playing kids did! Continue reading “Chiptunesday – Wrestling Week Edition”

LIST! Super Chiptunes-day!

Welcome to Super Chiptunesday! This edition will patriotic fervor that’s sweeping the U.S. voting booths today.

Chiptunes are fine pieces of aural digital nostalgia. Maestros of the microprocessor doing awesome bleep-bloop expressions are plentiful such as CHICKENANDROFLS. Here are some themed selections. Continue reading “LIST! Super Chiptunes-day!”