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[PRESS RELEASE] Absalom: Under a False Flag Begins in 2000 AD Prog 1934


Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallian’s dark-stalking detective returns to 2000 AD. Prog 1934 is the start of “Under A False Flag” goes ashes-to-ashes as Harry Absalom and his team keep the supernatural at bay. Topper image is from “Absalom: Ghosts of London.” Continue reading “[PRESS RELEASE] Absalom: Under a False Flag Begins in 2000 AD Prog 1934”

Brass Sun Hardcover Review


Let me start off by saying that Brass Sun is one of the most beautifully rendered books I have ever read. Both written and illustrated. The way the words bring these worlds to life and the way the art allows the reader to step into these worlds is nothing less than extraordinary. The planets that are brought to life in this book are so much fun to traverse and, even though we get a history of how they have all come to be, leave you wanting more in the wake of the protagonists departure. Continue reading “Brass Sun Hardcover Review”

2000 AD Goes Forward to 1900 [REVIEW]


2000 AD presents a solid package allowing readers to get to know some established characters. An anthology with sci-fi elements as a whole, its three stories contrast each other in different styles. If you like Prog 1900’s all-star talents (Wagner, Ezquerra, Edginton, D’Israeli, Abnett, etc.) then you might stick around. Continue reading “2000 AD Goes Forward to 1900 [REVIEW]”

Jaegir: Strigoi Hunts For U.S. Readers [REVIEW]


It’s curious that Rebellion publishes Jaegir: Strigoi for the U.S. market as it’s based on a pre-existing universe that American comic book readers aren’t familiar with. Jaegir spins off of Rogue Trooper, but Trooper failed to make an impression in the States. The story is about a soldier, the Nordland’s Atalia Jaegir, transitioning from warrior to monster hunter. Continue reading “Jaegir: Strigoi Hunts For U.S. Readers [REVIEW]”

Brass Sun #2: Worth Its Weight In Gold


Once every few years a book pushes the boundaries of conventional comics. THIS is that book. The overall story and art surpass that of most mass produced comics nowadays. My experience while reading this issue can only be compared to that of watching a Hayao Miyazaki film. The characters are rich and the story is captivating. I cannot get over how amazing this book looks. Continue reading “Brass Sun #2: Worth Its Weight In Gold”

NEWS-ISH: Brass Sun #1 Beats Competition… With Better Paper


As Brass Sun gets a 1,000-copy second print run after selling out 4,000 books, 2000 AD brought up one of my favorite comic book talking points: its paper.

The 2000 AD Twitter Droid may have revealed the secret to Brass Sun’s appeal: better paper density. It’s a relief that at least one publisher cares about the quality of the paper their comics are printed on. Continue reading “NEWS-ISH: Brass Sun #1 Beats Competition… With Better Paper”

Judge Dredd Concludes His Run in the City of Courts


A review of Judge Dredd: Mega-City Two: City of Courts issues #4 and #5.

Writer Douglas Wolk and artist Ulises Farinas finish up West Coast duty. Mega-City Two citizens have an anything goes attitude, but the “Dredd investigates baddie” procedural story is a bit prosaic. Farinas, however, never lets up serving a buffet of gleefully twisted artwork. Continue reading “Judge Dredd Concludes His Run in the City of Courts”

Brass Sun #1 Review


SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. Brass Sun #1 wraps up beautiful art, masterful story-telling and an insanely detailed history of a world coming to an end. The story is extremely well written and the art really adds to the tone of it all.

Ian Edginton shows that he is a master at the English language, as well as a master of character understanding, when scripting the roles of his characters. Each one has a distinct feel and gravitas when being depicted in the panels. Adding to the overall delightful dialogue is I.N.J. Culbard’s art. Continue reading “Brass Sun #1 Review”

Rogue Trooper #4 Anti-Review


IDW’s Rogue Trooper (2014-2014)

Why is this an anti-review? These are my thoughts about reading the fourth and final issue of Rogue Trooper. I have no memories of issues #2 and #3 and I barely remember #1. The decision to shutter the series apparently within a month of the first issue’s release. Here’s my limited perspective of how the issue goes with some mild spoilers. Continue reading “Rogue Trooper #4 Anti-Review”