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Reboot, a thriller about hackers under pressure, is making its way in the film festival circuit. I am fortunate to speak to the star, Emily Somers. Somers plays Stat, a hacker who’s literally stuck with a smartphone that is running a mysterious countdown timer. Reboot is an intriguing, technophilic race against time. The movie will be shown at Fantasia in Montreal and Def Con in Las Vegas.

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While director Joe Kawasaki is hard at work editing the movie, Emily and I discussed Reboot, her character, and hackers in general. A giant Thank You goes to producer Sidney Sherman of Rosa Entertainment, with additional thanks to Joe, the filmmakers and cast. Enjoy this roughly 12-minute long conversation in MP3 or Vorbis for those who’ve a hacker-ish love of patent-free formats. No spoilers about Reboot are revealed here.


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Visit the official Reboot movie website!

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