7 December 2014

Lee Milewski on Somber Crown #2

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Coming off the success of The Somber Crown #1, Lee Milewski is offering the second issue on Kickstarter. Check out our first interview with him about the launch of the Somber Crown series. … Continued &#187

30 November 2014

90s Nostalgia: The RARE Day I Became Jaded From Video Games

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I was in the height of my Nintendo fanboy-ism when I wrote this after another lame day of high school. Back then, Nintendo 64 was the scrappy underdog against the PlayStation revolution with Rare as its loyal sidekick. Rareware, as it was known, was in its prime making spectacular games (from Donkey Kong Country to Goldeneye to Perfect Dark).

Banjo-Kazooie was really awesome and pushed the platforming genre a bit. Donkey Kong 64 was just competent but bloated with “stuff.” (I liked the arcade game inclusion, though.) DK64’s a solid 7.0-8.0-rated game, but no mind-blowing masterpiece. It played a little too much like good ol’ B-K.

For some reason I’ve long forgotten, I tried to start a Nintendo fansite. I lack the enthusiasm and money to do that, but here are my thoughts on what Rare should do after the release of Donkey Kong 64. At that point, I started to become jaded of derivative gameplay. Oh, well. At least Nintendo is still the super-niche we know and love. … Continued &#187

22 October 2014

Toys “R” Us Now Specializes in Ass Hats

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SO, I have to rant. And yes, this is in regards to Toys “R” Us pulling Breaking Bad figures from there shelves due to a mother from, of all places, Florida complaining about her child being introduced to such figures. While I don’t collect those figures, I do feel a need to spout out some truth about the flood gates this lady just opened up.

She’s being completely oblivious to the fact that toys don’t make her child do anything and that it is, in fact, their upbringing and the pressures of those around them on a daily basis that influences there children. … Continued &#187

8 October 2014

VH1 Takes “A New Beat” to Drumline

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Drumline: A New Beat steps up on VH1 premiering 27 October. The Fox TV Studios-produced sequel swaps genders for the lead as Alexandra Shipp’s Dani Raymond enters the faltering Atlanta A & T Drumline program. However, Nick Cannon will make an appearance, hopefully in a more harmonious role than gossip fodder. … Continued &#187

7 October 2014

Best American Comics Run Gamut of Emotions

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Best American Comics 2014 by Jamie Hernandez

Comics: books that drive the fanboy mad for not knowing the outcome of a story that they have invested so much time and money into. Not knowing the ending to a story is enough to drive one insane. However, Best American Comics 2014’s stories whet the appetite of those seeking great stories. … Continued &#187

29 September 2014

Two Men Almost Died in Family Guy/Simpsons Smashtacular Smackdown

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Let’s laugh at something bloated, slovenly, full of itself, and pretends to care about things that matter. “Simpsons Guy,” Family Guy’s season premier, managers to walk a thin tightrope of accommodating The Simpsons and Family Guy. Fans of both will share favorite moments in GIF form for days and days. It’s all about moments; neither show are known for excellent plotting. … Continued &#187

Nobody on Simpsons Season Premiere Died of Noxious Family Guy Humor, But…

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After a summer where FXX boosted its profile by showing #EverySimpsonsEver, Fox is very eager for its Sunday season premieres. “Clown in the Dumps” kicked off Animation Deference-to-Brooklyn-Nine-Nine with the death of Krusty’s father, Rabbi Krustofsky. It’s typical hit-or-miss current Simpsons, but the couch gag by Don Hertzfeldt made me remember the infinitesimal possibility that humanity’s future is probably as subatomic particles receiving TV signals into their exo-skeletons. … Continued &#187

24 September 2014

Dynamite’s Turok Volume 1 Is Good Enough Revival

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Turok becomes part survivor, part dino whisperer in Dynamite’s revival of the Gold Key warrior. Writer Greg Pak plots a solid yarn where the young man finding his purpose while not knowing friend from foe. This is probably not the Son of Stone series, of which I’ve seen very little, nor is it the sci-fi-flavored Valiant/Acclaim series. … Continued &#187

23 September 2014

2000 AD Goes Forward to 1900 [REVIEW]

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2000 AD presents a solid package allowing readers to get to know some established characters. An anthology with sci-fi elements as a whole, its three stories contrast each other in different styles. If you like Prog 1900’s all-star talents (Wagner, Ezquerra, Edginton, D’Israeli, Abnett, etc.) then you might stick around. … Continued &#187

16 September 2014

Growing Awareness of Growth Awareness

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I know that the news on this page is mainly about pop-culture and that this is far from the normal review you may see, but I’d like to take a moment to reflect on Annual Growth Awareness week. Up until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of such a movement. Having researched it specifically for this week, I am now wondering why I hadn’t. I have three kids of my own and worrying about whether or not they are growing “normally” is always on my mind.

On July 23rd of this year, Congress signed in to affect that every third week of September shall now be deemed Annual Growth Awareness week. Much like the Earth Day and Mental Illness Awareness Week, the week will be dedicated to providing information on the topic of Annual Growth Awareness in children. … Continued &#187