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Oh, LERD!: Tyler Perry Ruins Everything

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I can’t stand Tyler Perry’s work. It’s not that I don’t “get it,” or that I don’t get into that sort of humor. It’s just that, to be honest, I simply cannot wrap my mind around why in the hell people act like he’s such a groundbreaking, original artiste.

He’s the hardest working man in show business? Why, because he whores out his name to every single, solitary media outlet that he can possibly stamp his name on? He’s a gifted businessman, that’s for damn sure. I envy that, and I won’t pretend otherwise… but that still doesn’t make him any more hard working than Billy Mays ever was. Just slap your name on whatever brands you can get in good with, shill it to death, then swim around in your pool of greenbacks.

That, or have a cocaine induced heart attack, while deboarding from a commercial flight somewhere. Whatever comes first.

And groundbreaking or original?! Bleedin’ hell, man! I watched Coming to America with Heidi the other day. She’d seen it, but was astounded at how many characters Eddie Murphy played in that movie. Arsenio Hall, too, for that matter. It seemed like one of those two were involved in every scene, and played a different character each time. Arsenio played an ugly woman, and hell, Eddie even played a pretty convincing, older Jewish fella. That wasn’t even the first instance of what people now call a, “Tyler Perry bit”, and that was TWENTY-FOUR years ago.


big-mommas-house-2As far as Madea goes, what makes that whole routine any different than Mrs. Klump, who was also portrayed, along with an entire family of Klumps (several times over), by Eddie Murphy? Or Martin Lawrence’s Big Momma, for that matter? True, Martin’s character was acknowledged as a man in drag, throughout the movie. Still, however, the premise of a feisty, heavyset, older black woman being played by a man is far from original, and EVEN FURTHER from groundbreaking.

Really, it’s just the opposite. If you ask me, Tyler Perry should be paying a 75% royalty fee to Eddie Murphy for doing that schtick sooner, and far better, than Perry himself. Also, to Eddie’s credit, while he might’ve run the gimmick into the ground a bit in his day, he certainly didn’t force-feed it to the nation every three months… much less, put that shit on something like four different cable television shows, so you can’t go a day without seeing his face.

Yet, still, Perry is praised like some sort of messiah of the comedy world. It just doesn’t make sense. I know I’m not his target audience, and that’s certainly no problem (though I wasn’t in Eddie Murphy’s target audience either, and I still love his stuff today), but that’s beside the point. Whether you’re white, black, brown, yellow, or red, you should still be able to smell a ripoff from a mile away, and that’s ALL I’ve seen out of Tyler Perry this entire time. It doesn’t effect me, in the end… and I definitely can’t fault him for squeezing the absolute most out of his 15 minutes of fame. I would too, if I ever had even half a chance.

Regardless, I really wish I’d stop hearing the catchphrase, “ERMAGERD!” (however it’s spelled) all the friggin’ time. It’s not funny. Not at all. It’s actually about as stale as an open bag of ’88 Doritos.

Just like hearing, “Hey man, y’all got that new Tyler Perry?” fifty-six times a day at work.


Also, his eyebrows are painted on in real-life, to boot… so, yeah… shit on Tyler Perry, and shit on whatever brand of “That New Tyler Perry” he’s got coming out next week.


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Big Momma 2 movie poster from IMP Awards.

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  1. Clarence says:

    I’m not a big TP fan, and I was tired of his act when he was still doing stage plays and I’m (probably) in his “target audience.”

    I feel like if I see one Madea show, I’ve seen them all. I guess people like slapstick that can’t reach the heights of 5th season Family Matters with some ham-fisted morality jammed in.

    I respect Perry, nonetheless. Just don’t expect me to flock to his new stuff. I’d rather have a marathon of Boomerang, the Distinguished Gentleman, & even Vampire in Brooklyn running for 2 days straight than see one more Madea movie.

    Big thanks to J.G. for this article.

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