SyFy can capitalize on Alphas

This is a post I wrote a little while ago that zooms in on my love for the SyFy show ‘Alphas’. Enjoy!!

For those of you who know me , and those that do not, it is no surprise I am writing this. I am a HUGE fan of the SyFy show Alphas. There are so many reasons to watch this show that even this “note” wouldn’t do them justice. SyFy used to be known for it’s original movies and it’s supernatural television shows. It is now known for it’s Monday nights. I used to call it Double Feature Monday’s with Eureka and Warehouse 13 both showing on one glorious night. This is the way everyone’s week should start off. Each show has tons of heart and action and leaves you wanting more at the end ofthe night. You can’t ask for a better lineup. SyFy’s recent addition of Alphas, I now dub it SyFy Triple Threat Mondays. I don’t remember having so much fun on a Monday night.

Let’s talk about the cast for a second. They are simply amazing. You have Ryan Cartwright (Gary Bell) portraying an autistic young man that utilizes his higher brain functions and can see signals in the air. He can even translate them and see them with a flick of the wrist (seriously!). Azita Ghanizada (Rachel Pirzad) has the ability to enhance anyone of her senses and is a HUGE asset to the team. Laura Mennel (Nina Theroux) has the ability to make you do whatever she wants just by talking to you (much like that girl in high school everyone wanted to date). Warren Christie (Cameron Hicks) has the uncanny ability to calculate and strike just about anything WITH anything ( I can’t wait to see a flashback episode with him deployed overseas as a sniper). Malik Yoba (Bill Harken) is the no nonsense federal agent that has the ability of super strength or super speed once his fight or flight response kicks in (this guy plays his part PERFECTLY!). And to round out the main cast, you have David Strathairn. COME ON!! It’s David Strathairn!!! He plays Dr. Lee Rosen, a psychiatrist on the show and he shows a sympathetic heart to Alphas and their unique abilities as well as the troubles they go through to fit in the world.

With my recent realization of how much I was getting into Alphas, I decided I needed to rally the troops. In the past, many of my favorite shows have been cancelled (‘Heroes’ being amongst the worst). The only thing that caused Heroes downfall was the last season. It was ridiculous. However, they did right for a couple of reasons. They created a web series to follow after the show went off for the night, a web comic and a printed comic. SyFy can learn from this. SyFy can totally capitalize off the success of Alphas. They can show different Alphas teams come together on a web series, or even the more farfetched Alphas ideas (like a person that can change their density?) can be featured in a comic to be later brought to life in the series. Really quick, I want to apologize to Malik Yoba for my mock-up of a comic cover for Alphas. Doesn’t do the man justice, but I’m sure people can see what I was trying to portray.

With the amount of fan interaction for shows at an all-time high, Alphas can be the number rated show by next season. SyFy has already created an interactive Haven Twitter account. That was genius! It’s a whole other story integrated into the show and Alphas can have the same thing going, even if only for a season. The payoff can be TREMENDOUS! Being as big a fan as I am of this show, I just want to see more products available. Be it in the form of t-shirts, books, graphic novels or even character Twitter and Facebook accounts. I have personally seen the fan interaction for this show and followed it closely on Twitter. Because of what I have seen, this show has caused me to delve deeper into computer land and download applications like GetGlue, Shazam and even Twitter. I just want more of the show! This being the theme, people like me want more of the show, and different formats can help us get there. We’ve already seen that the “powers” have manifested even without people realizing it (I.E. Cameron Hicks). Why not follow a character where the same thing has happened and they slowly catch on?

Bottom line to my ramblings is that I think SyFy should start pumping out more Alphas products. I can’t wait for the day I can own the whole cast as a series of Action (or inaction….but preferably action) figures :)Be sure to watch Alphas on SyFy when it comes back on this year!

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