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Redhead & Mule of the Day – 13 April

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He’s a horror icon and also someone you wouldn’t want to toy with. Chucky is Redhead of the Day!

Street Full of Chuckys

Source: http://www.thestreetofschemes.com/?p=1436 (Warning: link contains socio-political commentary)

Thanks to the talents of Brad Dourif, Chucky went from every child’s nightmare to horror’s Clown Prince. Here’s Chucky earning his WCW All-Stars spot (joining Robocop, Masta P, and KISS) belittling Mean Gene, Rick Steiner, and the audience:


Also, you can have your very own Chucky figure. Re-enact your favorite Child’s Play moments!


Have a good weekend! Closing out the week is the baby Mule of the Day:


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