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Luigi represents the scrappy runt all of us are or have known. Luigi Mario is born in the 80s, a time to have a nostalgia filter for outlandish stuff. He acts as the green-clad lesser of the Mario Brothers. He has a cute, yet annoying, girlfriend (“HI~!”).

This list is a look through 30 years of Nintendo’s manic plumber and his travels. On 28 November 2013, Danny Wells, many kids’ first exposure to a live action Luigi, passed away. This list has nothing from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show, but he’s in my thoughts as I write this.


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

What Luigi-starred game did you look forward to in 2013? Don’t tell me Super Luigi U. It can’t be that game, can it?

Anyway, as much as I love hard platformers, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team for the Nintendo 3DS looks far more inventive. Yes, a mass of Luigis (or is it Luigii?) can form almost any shape! I enjoy this commercial as it shows Luigi, master salesman, will offer his body for SCIENCE to get people to buy the game.

Luigi Meets Waluigi

I almost forgot about Wa-luigi, the wacky, sparingly-used counterpart to Luigi. What’s his personality? How would he interact with Luigi? Dorkly presents this momentous meeting! Luigi shouldn’t feel like a sadsack after meeting his bizarro.

Daisy & Luigi: Dream Couple

Kevin Bolk’s It Sucks To Be Weegie, while not cutting-edge, is pleasant and harmless. This webcomic sometimes features, Daisy, the sauce of Luigi’s cannoli. Bolk’s interpretation of the princess is cute and quite… zaftig?!

Here are two strips feature our wonderful pair. In one, Luigi is too insecure to be proud of his heroic jumping. In the other, hilarity ensues when Luigi has an appointment with the Wii Fitt Trainer.

it_sucks_to_be_weegie__jump_by_kevinbolk-d6u3jg0-web it_sucks_to_be_weegie__trainer_by_kevinbolk-d6t8vqa-web

Visit It Sucks To Be Weegie via DeviantArt or Interrobang Studios.

John Leguizamo Speaks!

Actor/comedian John Leguizamo co-starred in the questionably cult classic Super Mario Brothers movie.

Did you know that “Leguizamo gis” is an anagram for “emo luigi zags?” No, I can’t find any pictures of Mr. Leguizamo in a gi.

Unlike co-star Bob Hoskins’ recalling that Super Mario Brothers was a “nightmare (and worse),” Leguizamo has some fond reminisces of the production:

Luigi Gets Down

What more is there to say about Luigi? The off-the-wall plumber can get dangerous when grabs the invincible star. Despite his occasional thought that he’s the bad brother, history will be kind the lanky green dude. Luigi’s Mansion was a thriller, wasn’t it?


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