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Game Show Marathon Part Deux

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There’s no geekery like game show geekery. Cory Anotado, Christian Carrion, and Bob Hagh are doing the second Game Show Marathon for charity. Tomorrow, if you’re low on funds to see a movie, you should take a gander at the extravaganza of fun & games.

GSM is aiming for a $5000 goal which will benefit American Cancer Society and the Kennedy Krieger Institute. Visit the Game Show Marathon GoFundMe page and check out what you can get by donating at certain levels. For $25, you can actually play as a contestant after giving e-mail notice to the GSM crew! Quantities of the other gifts ARE limited!

The gang will play one game each hour. Some of these games you probably know and some you probably don’t.

Card SharksPassword PlusBlockbustersFamily Feud
High RollersJeopardy!CountdownConcentration
Sale of the CenturyMastermindSplit SecondThe Chase
Whew!Bob’s Full HousePass the BuckWhose Line Is It Anyway?
Deal or No DealBeat the OddsNow You See ItRoom 101
PyramidEye GuessThe Joker’s Wild
Game Show Marathon

Art done by Vince Mascoli

Hopefully, this will be a fun weekend for all involved in the Game Show Marathon.

Support the Game Show Marathon at their GoFundMe page!

Interview with Game Show Marathon Hosts Bob, Christian, & Cory!

Game Show Marathon on Facebook

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