A Guide to Commenting on Red-Headed Mule

Thank you for being considerate enough to read this page. I desire discussion of stuff that’s featured in our articles. However, while there are many places on the Interwebs to be living proof of the G.I.F.T., RedHeadedMule.com is not the place for annoying/racist/homophobic/insensitive/etc. antics.

Currently, comments automatically close after 200 days.

Bear in mind “Rule Zero,” comments are moderated so I may edit or delete any comments at anytime. As much as I would like one or two simple rules that everyone can understand, I’m hashing out several rules of how to conduct yourself on the comments section. If you have questions or concerns, send an email.

Comments Section Rules

  • Please don’t be a jerk or a spammer.
  • Keep initial comments about articles on-topic.
  • Plugging your site won’t boost your search engine ranking of it.
  • Don’t spoil details for future/unaired/unpublished events unless I allow it.
  • If you’re commenting on past episodes or issues and no reviews or commentary have been posted for current episodes or issues, please see rule above.
  • Of the Internet, people will find themselves in heated disagreements a lot. For this comments section, however, there’s no need for hostility, excessive profanity, technical disruptions (e.g. hacking), etc. So, don’t be a jerk.
  • If you are someone of good standing and reputation, you may be placed on a whitelist, via the email address you provide, so that your future comments will go through unmoderated. PLEASE don’t abuse the privilege.
  • If you intend on commenting multiple times, please use one email address. You can use a “throwaway” email address you use for catching spam if you want to. Your email address will NOT be posted publicly and won’t be used for spam, data mining, harvesting, etc. I HATE that crap as much you do.

Be Excellent To Each Other!