Jupiter's Legacy #3 Review


From the first page, you get a sense of things coming to a head. Hutch has been summoned by The Utopian (who’s Sheldon Sampson in civilian attire) with the hopes that he can stop his daughter’s relationship with Hutch from continuing and Brandon (The Utopian’s Son) has been summoned by his Uncle to take down his father and remake the United States in their own image. Needless to say, things escalate quickly!

I’m one of those people that get emotionally drawn into a character. That being said, I could NOT stop shaking when I was reading this issue. The fact that this is only issue three and I have this emotional attachment to the character already testifies to the fact that Mark Millar knows how to seize human emotion with his writing. And it’s always in the details too.


Like the way people put emphasis on words and how others spin the truth. All these little things can really help a reader empathize with a fictional character. Whether it be the hero or the perceived villain. Leading up to this issue, Millar proves why he is a master of his craft.

And now we move to the art! Frank Quitely…EVERY piece of his work is always amazing!

Coupled with Millar’s writing, this team is easily one of the best collaborations of all time. Quitely’s attention to detail is one of the many reasons why Jupiter’s Legacy works. It conveys emotion laid out in the text and doesn’t try to pretty everyone up. His work helps give the reader a reason to feel like those characters are believable and it shows in every panel.

Quitely’s art is coupled with the amazing colors of Peter Doherty (previous color works can be seen in 2000 AD). Doherty’s colors have been astonishing me a lot as of late and have really pushed this book up to my top three books I look forward to grabbing each month.

Jupiter’s Legacy Issue 3
Writer – Mark Millar
Artist – Frank Quitely
Lettering, Colors, Design – Peter Doherty
Digital Assistant – Rob Miller
Editor – Nicole Boose
Production – Drew Gill
Variant Covers – Bryan Hitch and Sean Phillips

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