Judge Dredd Megazine #345 Review


This review is more of a series of reactions, but I liked this issue overall.

Thanks to Rebellion for providing a review copy.

The Comics

Judge Dredd’s strip, “The Call of K. Cattrall, Part One” has Dredd dealing with freaky mutant creatures. It’s a welcome change of pace from the usual perps and thugs.

Ordinary’s conclusion displays Michael’s desire for normalcy even while several acts of sacrifice take place. The ending is appropriate for Michael, but it’s vague for almost everyone else. Also amusing is artist D’Israeli declining to show a full view of famous beautiful celebrity’s visage. The context in which it’s done makes it only slightly less noticeable.

For months, Psi Judge Anderson has been in agonizing angst and despair over all the lives that’ve been lost. While I didn’t think the creative team would the cliffhanger off now, I’d think something’s going on deep down in Anderson’s psyche that’s paining her.

The tag team of Demarco and Claude is going along fine, but there’s some missed potential in a longer Demarco-versus-lie-detector scene.

Digital copies of Megazine #345 come with Strontium Dogs: Tales from the Doghouse.

The Not-Comics

  • Calum Waddell hits the bulls-eye with a RoboCop franchise retrospective and interview with co-creator Edward Neumeier. I liked the new RoboCop movie despite it falling short of the original.
  • Michael Molcher makes a slam dunk with his thorough obituary of Spanish artist Jose Ortiz.
  • Matthew Bedlam talks with Rob Williams and Simon Coleby The Royals: Masters of War. Williams promises the intrigue with the world’s royalty will distinguish the six-part miniseries. I’ll keep an eye on it.
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