Image Teases A Bold Invincible


UPDATE: Image has released two new teasers promising a first issue in a “STARTLING” new era and a “NEW” generation. Both are posted below.

Image is starting the hype for Image Expo 2014 with the tease that a new first issue will go in a “Bold” direction.

The silhouette is obviously of Invincible, created by Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman and artist Cory Walker. When I last recalled Invincible, Mark Grayson didn’t don the super-suit, but September’s Invincible #105 was to be a jumping on point for new readers.

So, what’s the big deal of the new Invincible #1? Trying to steal Marvel’s “All-New NOW” thunder? Here’s the teaser image:

Invincible_111_Teasers1_webimage-expo-2014-Teaser2 image-expo-2014-Teaser3

Author: Clarence

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