Indie Comics Showcase: ARK & Penguins vs. Possums #3

Here are two comics that aren’t published by the Big Two:


First, here’s the recently released graphic novel, ARK, written by Peter Dabbene and drawn by Ryan Bayliss. It starts slowly with some angsty drama and set-up, but when one character dies, the pace picks up into a fine thriller.

ARK’s slightly over 140 pages, but could’ve been slightly fewer pages by leaving off some decompressed panels that are little more than padding. The humanoid Metas aren’t freaks as they have realistic concerns and feelings. The key issue of ARK is whether the Metas and humans will come together in a critical time of crisis.


Published by Arcana, ARK is available on Comixology for only $5. More about ARK can be found on Facebook. View some sketches for ARK.

penguins-vs-possums-003-coverPenguins vs. Possums #3

The wild conflict continues in this third issue by John Bring, Sebastian Kadlecik, and Lindsay Calhoon. The prime possum, named The Chosen One, and Xiao the Penguin Emperor see eye-to-eye on something, but how will it affect the greater penguin-possum conflict? This issue explores that and fellow possum Zolin’s quest to finish the birds. If you consider even middling action movies fine cinema then all issues of PvP will excite you.

After reading PvP #3, I do wonder about Xiao’s mental state. The emperor penguin comes close to being a cliched action movie villain when he makes an important decision about The Chosen One. Other than that, Penguins vs. Possum is a fun adventure for $3 an issue.


Preview Penguins vs. Possums #3 at the official site of Penguins vs. Possums. Check out their Facebook page.

Author: Clarence

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