Happy 37th Birthday, 2000 AD


Rebellion’s weekly comic featuring Hyper-Heroes, anti-heroes, and other adventurers and oddities turns 37. On Wednesday, 2000 AD ran giveaways via social media. Who would star in the birthday cover of Prog 1870? A perp who suffers brutal judgment.


2000 AD, debuting in 1977 with Pat Mills as its editor, is a British magazine-sized anthology covering a wide array of sci-fi, fantasy, and all sorts of weirdness. It’s also where to find some early works of Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, Dave Gibbons, and on and on. Many, many notable British comics creators plied their craft in the pages of 2000 AD. Readers over the years have also been amazed by the artwork of talents like Italian Massimo Belardinelli and Spaniard Carlos Ezquerra.

A strip starring one determined arbiter of the Law in the second Prog eventually become 2000 AD’s lead feature. Judge Joseph Dredd, created by Ezquerra and writer John Wagner, has had many adventures in and out of his home city, Mega-City One.

Oh, yeah, I won’t forget Tharg, the current, past, and future Editor-In-Chief. Matt Smith is currently the Terran who appeases Tharg by overseeing the day-to-day operations.

Read my interview with Rebellion’s Matt Smith.

Over Facebook and Twitter, 2000 AD has been offering giveaways to graphic novels and also their birthday present. I won’t spoil the contents of the present, but it gives a sampling of 2000 AD’s variety.

Get the 37th birthday present here.

Also, they’ve released a gallery of birthday covers here are some of them:


Coming soon, 2000 AD weekly reviews restart (I hope). I also realize that I’m posted this well after midnight local Oxford time.

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