Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe #2 Review

Deadpool & Spider-Man's foot

Written by Cullen Bunn. Drawn by Dalibor Talajic.

As in the first issue, the Regenerating Degenerate fulfills truth in advertising, but there’s little room for much else. Deadpool fans will love it. Two hooves out of four. Review of #3 (Deadpool fights X-Men, with panels) now available. Read all about the fourth and final issue.

Such a big project such as Kills must raise a question: how can Deadpool kill so many heroes and villains when we only get 20-something pages per issue?

There’s the simple approach: dialogue stating that Blank Panther, Tigra, and Iron Fist died without further explanation. There’s also the more creative approach done in the first story page: using a newscast to display the dead bodies of those who crossed Deadpool. (Poor Howard)

Deadpool vs. Spider-Man

Deadpool vs. Spidey
Spider-Man at a point of weakness. Click above for larger size.

Soon after, we have a few pages of DP and Spider-Man going at it. What I get from it is Spidey is likely jealous at how funny the Merc with a Mouth is. Since Spidey doesn’t kill that allows Deadpool to take advantage of Spidey’s weakness. Spider-Man dies via gunshot through the skull.

Spider-Man was oddly too cocky and I wasn’t satisfied at how he was easily killed.

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Deadpool vs. Avengers

After a segue where Deadpool has to be motivated by the voice in his head to avoid flashiness and just kill, baby, we have the main event. Inside Avengers Mansion are heroes Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, Hawkeye, Luke Cage, and Linda Danvers as Miss Marvel (Kills likely written before the new Captain Marvel reboot).

Deadpool uses Pym Particles to plant tiny bombs on their coffee table (Hank’s missing and, I’m assuming, dead). Small arsenal soon grows frighteningly large then boom goes the mansion.

Wolverine survives as a adamantium skeleton, and he’ll have his day with DP in #3. What about Luke Cage, he of unbreakable skin? Deadpool plants small bombs inside his coffee. Power Man’s innards are powerless to help.

Luke Cage meets his end.

Thor dares mess with Deadpool. Deadpool has enough Pym Particles to grow Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, and drop the hammer on the Thunder God.

I see the premise of Kills depending on some of the heroes getting so caught by surprise or angry at Deadpool that they don’t properly strategize.

Deadpool vs. Hulk

Don't we all, Hulk?

Finally, somewhere in the American Southwest, Hulk rips Deadpool. Hulk goes in a cave to rest and turns to Bruce Banner. Deadpool catches Banner sleeping and shreds him. At least Banner’s death is plausible with what many know of the Hulk.

Epilogue & Final Thoughts

In the last pages, Aunt May and other friends and loved ones of the deceased won’t let Deadpool’s rampage go unanswered. They will be avenged by…a white-cloaked figure with a skull under the hood. That figure I couldn’t identify with all my Google-fu skills. Ay yi yi!

Artist Talajic visuales the bloody carnage well enough, but there’s not much to do in this series beyond Deadpool killing Marvel’s superstars and superfoes. Many people will content with this. However, giving Deadpool glib action-movie villain one-liners is not enough for me to appreciate the whole event. In a four-issue miniseries, there’s no room for full fights or definitely no room to ponder how Deadpool’s assault really affects the world.

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  1. Still enjoyed it for what it is. The comic version of the all-money shot videos.

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