Black Science #1 Review


Black Science #1 mixes adventure serial with a surreal scenic tour with a cautionary tale of science gone awry. The Rick Remender-scripted surreal scenic tour is realized with the lush art from Matteo Scalera and Dean White. After seeing the painted results, I imagine how many artists from the early and mid-20th century wanted their sci-fi magazine covers to come alive. Scalera and White’s is a cool follow-up to those artistic ancestors.

The adventure serial stuff provides solid tension with Anarchic Scientist Guy having some close calls. The dangerous journey the protagonist takes to save his crew becomes opportunities for Remender, Scalera, and White to open their imaginations.

black-science-001-cover-a-web black-science-001-cover-b-webThe cautionary tale comes about when the protagonist/narrator frets about the negative consequences of his work with the Anarchic League of Scientists. Also, there’s the overall mystery of Black Science: what is the “black science?”

There isn’t a clear answer to that. Some of the narrative captions suggest that the world seen in Black Science #1 isn’t a far-away planet. I don’t recall how the scientist got into their mess. What will be remembered is the immense illustrations and a guy, seeking self-redemption, running away from various humanoid freaks.

The creative team of Black Science have a basic premise in place. I’d like the series to be a compelling formula that avoids being formulaic.

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