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17 August 2014

The Triumphs and Trouble of Trillium [REVIEW]


Jeff Lemire delves into science fiction in Trillium, published by Vertigo. Originally, Trillium was a monthly limited series; as a complete graphic novel, I really respect Lemire’s ambition. However, the tale of two people from totally different places meeting up is only decent in execution. … Continued »

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8 August 2014

Man vs. Rock Comic Review


One thing I want to add before getting into my review is that this book has mature language and scenes. In no way is it for kids. This is definitely a “mature audiences” only book. With that in mind, please read on! … Continued »

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30 July 2014

Top 10 Moments From Penguins vs. Possums Volume 1


I can’t believe we’re up to the paperback collection now! This TPB by Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, and Lindsay Calhoon Bring is so exciting! With this momentous occasion locked down, I want to share a few of my favorite moments throughout this hilarious, violent clash between the Penguins and Possums. … Continued »

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17 July 2014

Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Seconds: Tasty, But Not Totally Filling


I’ve looked forward to Seconds since consuming the Scott Pilgrim franchise, graphic novels, the game, and the movie. Whether this story becomes a phenomenon, I’m unsure. Bryan Lee O’Malley blends elements of romance, science fiction, and horror while having an abundance of symbolism. For example, much of the story takes place in the snowy winter where isn’t just the weather that gets cold.

Where Scott Pilgrim is a love story wrapped in video game bravado, Seconds is a love story steeped in mysticism and folklore. This is not Scott Pilgrim for foodies. The most interesting relationship arises not between the flame-haired protagonist and her love interest, but a growing bond between her and an unlikely naif.

O’Malley utilizes his trademark manga-esque artwork, but he has a solid handle on the gloomier scenes. While Seconds is a quick read, O’Malley uses black panels for good effect. As the lead character is selfish for much of the book, I was left wondering if she had truly earned her happiness. … Continued »

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Lee Milewski Interview


Roshawn Rochester interviews Lee Milewski, author of the successfully crowdfunded The Somber Crown. … Continued »

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13 July 2014

Grayson #1: Examining the First Few Pages [REVIEW]


Finally, a new New 52 title I can look forward to reading. Tim Seeley, Tom King, Mikel Janin and others tell the tale of Dick Grayson’s next stage as a hero. Most of my comments are about the first few pages of the comic. I’m not a big fan of Dick Grayson and I’m not really into spy stuff, but Grayson is more interesting than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a show I’m tried of already after one season. SPOILERS ahead. … Continued »

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7 July 2014

San Diego Comic-Con ’14: Top Cow To Offer Exclusive Litho Prints


Top Cow Productions is going all out for San Diego Comic-Con. They’re offering exclusive variants, VIP packages, and lithographic prints. Several VIP packages are offered including the Stjepan Sejic/Matt Hawkins Package, the Marc Silvestri package, and the ComicCon Writer’s Package. Availability for the packages are limited and seats for them will be sold at $200. Visit booth #2629 if you’re interested. … Continued »

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26 June 2014

The Outcast #1: Skybound Knocks Another One Out of the Park [REVIEW]


Someone tell those Winchester boys that a new player has arrived in super natural territory.

This book should be required reading in Outdoing Yourself 101. Robert Kirkman (The Walking Dead, Super Dinosaur and Invincible) and Paul Azaceta (Graveyard of Empires) take you to rural West Virginia to battle your inner demons…literally. … Continued »

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21 June 2014

Brass Sun #2: Worth Its Weight In Gold


Once every few years a book pushes the boundaries of conventional comics. THIS is that book. The overall story and art surpass that of most mass produced comics nowadays. My experience while reading this issue can only be compared to that of watching a Hayao Miyazaki film. The characters are rich and the story is captivating. I cannot get over how amazing this book looks. … Continued »

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18 June 2014

110-Character Or Less Challenge: The Wicked + The Divine #1 Review

The Wicked + The Devine #1 alternate cover by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie’s The Wicked + the Divine #1 is more about what it isn’t than what it is. The issue features some interesting personalities — gods finding enjoying in mortal bodies for a limited time. However, the meta-mythology being built is a haze of vagueness.

To be fair, some dialogue suggests that writer Kieron Gillen makes some acute self-analysis of the whys and hows of his world-building. I had to break out the Google/Wikipedia/Bing whatchamacallit to find out the meaning of several character names; yes, they’re sourced from several world religions. When one god with a notorious reputation is in trouble, I had to wonder who’s the most evil god in their hierarchy.

Artist McKevlie doesn’t disappoint while being ambitious. He plays around with some motifs, gives the god-celebrities stylish presence. He even provides a pop-art like “special effect” for certain displays of violence.

I wasn’t excited, but a little intrigued by how The Wicked + The Devine will go in its god-play. If you’re interested in getting a digital copy, Image Comics offers this comic DRM-free and downloadable for 299 cents, less than the 350-cent cover price.


Thanks to Image Comics for supplying a review copy.

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