23 June 2015

Interview with Trevor Mueller

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With the success of the first volume of Albert the Alien under their belts, Trevor Mueller ( Albert the Alien) and Gabriel Bautista ( Albert the Alien and The Life After) trek into familiar territory to bring about the volume two of everyone’s favorite foreign exchange student. I’m Roshawn Rochester and this is an interview with Albert the Alien creator/writer Trevor Mueller. … Continued &#187

14 June 2015

Chauncey Devega’s Requiem for a Heavyweight, Dusty Rhodes

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Dusty Rhodes was the man who could draw working black and white people to his battles in the squared circle. He influenced Ric Flair and mentored NXT stars such as Sami Zayn and Enzo Amore. Writer Chauncey Devega discusses Dusty’s lasting impact:

Dusty Rhodes was a legend in the ring and a preacher on the microphone. What’s more, he was also a Black icon

Continue reading: The power and the glory of Dusty Rhodes: The “American Dream” who transcended pro wrestling’s racial divide – Salon.com

8 June 2015

[PRESS RELEASE] Absalom: Under a False Flag Begins in 2000 AD Prog 1934

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Gordon Rennie and Tiernen Trevallian’s dark-stalking detective returns to 2000 AD. Prog 1934 is the start of “Under A False Flag” goes ashes-to-ashes as Harry Absalom and his team keep the supernatural at bay. Topper image is from “Absalom: Ghosts of London.” … Continued &#187

6 June 2015


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LOS ANGELES, CA – June 1, 2015 – Fanboy Comics (FBC) is excited to PvProclaim that it will publish the sixth issue of the creator-owned series, Penguins vs. Possums, which will be released at San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

Created by Sebastian Kadlecik, John Bring, and Lindsay Calhoon Bring, Issue #6 will see the escalation of the interspecies war as it spills out of the shadows and into the light of day. Filled to the brim with heart-pounding action, crushing losses, and deceitful betrayal, readers will not want to miss this monumental issue as the series nears its thrilling conclusion. … Continued &#187

14 April 2015

Interview with Danny Quick of King Supreme

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Roshawn talks with Danny Quick, creator of King Supreme: The Supreme Servant #1. … Continued &#187

12 April 2015

SPOTLIGHT!! An Interview with Gabriel Bautista

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Series artist for The Life After and current Kickstarter creator of Jupiter: An Illustrated Microfiction Artbook … Continued &#187

20 February 2015

Birdman Flies Into Overrated Territory

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Birdman isn’t about the adventures of a superhero, but the adventures of a tortured soul. … Continued &#187

18 February 2015

CW’s The Flash: Fallout –Robbie Amell and Victor Garber’s On-Screen Chemistry

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Still keeping its spot as one of the best superhero television shows ever, the episode from last night’s episode of ‘The Flash’ was absolutely amazing! For those that aren’t aware of the character The Flash, or of this shows existence, it stars Grant Gustin as Barry Allen who is struck by lightning while dosed in chemicals AND hit by a wave of dark matter energy concurrently. … Continued &#187

9 February 2015

An Interview with XCT’s Shaun Paulet

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Roshawn Rochester (Red Headed Mule): First off, I wanted to say thank you for letting me interview you!

I’ve followed the last two Kickstarters and am looking forward to asking questions about Xtreme Champion Tournament (XCT) for those that want to know more heading into this third Kickstarter. Would you mind telling us about yourself to get things started?

Shaun Paulet: My name is Shaun Paulet, I’m 33 years old, and I live with my wife and two dogs in Melbourne Australia. I am a big collector boasting a massive comic book, DVD/Blu Ray, book, artwork, statue and print collection.

RHM: Can you elaborate for people that don’t know what the book is about?

Shaun Paulet: The series is set in the year 2069 where the remains of historical figures from the past have been cloned, retrained and forced to fight in a sport called the Xtreme Champion Tournament.

This sport is watched by millions around the globe and it makes these clones face off against each other to the death. Our main character is Spartacus and his story about navigating the XCT and all the dangers that come with being a XCT hero. … Continued &#187

17 January 2015

Hindsight Episode Two

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This show…THIS SHOW! The cast has done an AMAZING job at really placing themselves in the nineties. And talk about having the best soundtrack EVER. I felt like I was in middle school all over again listening to it. I now have no doubt that this show will be VH1’s highest rated show ever. Everything about it is so right!

This episode picks up right where the last one drops off. The revelation that Becca has just changed her future begins to weigh on her and only Lolly can help her pick up the pieces. And as a quick statement, yes…I thought Lolly looked spot on as Six from Blossom. And yes, Sarah Goldberg’s Lolly is very quickly becoming one of my favorite television characters. … Continued &#187