22 April 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Comics Previews: Ongoing #33, New Animated Adventures #10, Classic Animated Adventures Volume 7

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Going by cover date of the very first issue, it’s getting close to the 30th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. See these previews of IDW’s upcoming April comics. … Continued »

20 April 2014

Pop Culture’s Rockingest Mount Rushmore

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Let’s take back the Mount Rushmore meme… in a way.

Mount Rushmore is a craggy natural structure, yes? Why not remember the big rocky creatures of popular culture. … Continued »

16 April 2014

Sticking Around After 31 Issues of Superior Spider-Man For… This?

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It’s been a “Superior” year-plus, but Peter Parker is now home righting the wrongs of the Green Goblin and picking up the pieces of “SpOck’s” life. The series finale moves at a brisk pace re-establishing Parker into the Marvel Universe. Part of me dreads that we’re going back to Pathetic Pete’s mundane “power and responsibility” routine. Spoilers for the “Goblin Nation” 40-page conclusion ahead in this review! … Continued »

15 April 2014

Star Mage #1 Review

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The blurb from IDW states that Star Mage is Harry Potter meets The Last Starfighter, or a blend of sci-fi and magic. Darien Connors was once your typical teen underdog who’s ridiculed by bullies and musters up enough courage to agree to a study date. His father was a NASA astronaut who was to be the first man to visit Mars. One night, as the bullies are hoisting Darien up a flagpole, Darien discovers he has mysterious powers. … Continued »

10 April 2014

On Colbert Taking Over The Late Show

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Congratulations to Stephen Colbert on becoming David Letterman’s successor. CBS wanted a big name and Craig Ferguson’s content at 12:37 so the crafty Colbert will move into the big time of broadcast TV. #LettermanReplacements can be put to rest.

I and some others would want a woman or person of color to take over (Aisha Tyler is an inspired choice some suggested). However, CBS is not in the business of experimenting with their precious time slots. This is the same network that would happily schedule a zillion crime dramas and a bajillion mediocre comedies and still gain audiences. That said, I can’t see Colbert give nothing but his very best. … Continued »

9 April 2014

Opening View on Shutter #1

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I see much potential in Joe Keatinge and Leila Del Duca’s Shutter. The new series features explorer Kate Christopher, who has seen many worlds, about to undergo another adventure. Shutter #1 covers strange and alternate worlds, including a very diverse New York City, familial bonds, and how life is what one makes of it.

I like Del Duca’s artwork and the zany creatures that populate the story. My only wish is that I wanted more, but there’s always another month. There’s not much for me to say because I need to see the pieces of the puzzle come together. … Continued »

4 April 2014

Hollywood Game Night, But That’s Another Story To End the Season?

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Finally after a few weeks, a new episode of Hollywood Game Night. However, I think this is the last new episode of the season, so I hope to continuing recapping next… whenever. This episodes, titled “Game Night, But That’s Another Story,” was a good contest with the typical cool variety of games presented by excellent emcee Jane Lynch. … Continued »

Bronze, Silver, Gold: Community Enlists “G.I. Jeff”

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It’s time for another madcap animated adventure starring the Wingman, Three Kids, Fourth Wall, Buzzkill, and Tight Ship fighting terrorism wherever it terrorizes. Um… this is not the G.I. Joe show I remembered from my childhood.

For G.I. Joe fans who don’t watch Community, creator Dan Harmon loves to experiment with his show while somehow maintaining some pathos. The base premise for most of Community’s existence involves a ragtag bunch of community college students, led by ex-lawyer Jeff Winger. They’ve done animated episodes like the claymation Christmas one and the 8-bit video game adventure. … Continued »

3 April 2014

When Hulk Hogan and Marvel Collided

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One of my favorite bits of trivia about pro wrestler Hulk Hogan is that for many years, Marvel Comics was the owner of the name “Hulk Hogan.” I derinitely noticed the credit to Marvel on some WWF merchandise I had. Marvel Comics potentially had a great opportunity for Hulk Hogan comics, but what did Marvel do with the Hulk Hogan trademark? … Continued »

Eclectic 80s Hanna-Barbera

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Once upon a time, two men got together and created a cat and a mouse. That cat and that mouse could never get along, but both men didn’t mind. Joseph Barbera and William Hanna’s partnership was very fruitful. Much later, the people had enough of the cat and mouse, so Hanna and Barbera struck out to the frontier known as television.

Through the years, whatever TV craze was there, the Hanna-Barbera studio had a show to take advantage of it. The 1980s were an interesting time. Disney, Barbera asserted in Starlog #125, was built upon a mouse. By the end of the decade, Disney struck gold and animation became less childish. Meanwhile, Hanna-Barbera churned out cartoon after cartoon. Limited animation? The prolific cartoon house’s output was seemingly not limited. … Continued »