16 September 2014

Growing Awareness of Growth Awareness

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I know that the news on this page is mainly about pop-culture and that this is far from the normal review you may see, but I’d like to take a moment to reflect on Annual Growth Awareness week. Up until a few weeks ago, I had never heard of such a movement. Having researched it specifically for this week, I am now wondering why I hadn’t. I have three kids of my own and worrying about whether or not they are growing “normally” is always on my mind.

On July 23rd of this year, Congress signed in to affect that every third week of September shall now be deemed Annual Growth Awareness week. Much like the Earth Day and Mental Illness Awareness Week, the week will be dedicated to providing information on the topic of Annual Growth Awareness in children. … Continued &#187

3 September 2014

Sac Anime Summer 2014 Report

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Having gone to this convention for the past few years, it always surprises me that there are a huge amount of people that like anime as much as, and in a lot of cases even more than, I do. Walking up to the Sacramento Convention Center, there was an almost serene calm. We walked up via the Kay Street cobblestone walkways and were slightly amused by the change in scenery as we turned the corner. Though this side of the convention center was dead, at our immediate left was a metropolis of cosplayers and anime fans alike. … Continued &#187

29 August 2014

Jaegir: Strigoi Hunts For U.S. Readers [REVIEW]

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It’s curious that Rebellion publishes Jaegir: Strigoi for the U.S. market as it’s based on a pre-existing universe that American comic book readers aren’t familiar with. Jaegir spins off of Rogue Trooper, but Trooper failed to make an impression in the States. The story is about a soldier, the Nordland’s Atalia Jaegir, transitioning from warrior to monster hunter. … Continued &#187

28 August 2014

Eight Confessions About Enjoying Saved By the Bell & TNBC

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Source: rulenumberoneblog.com

Twenty-one years after the graduation episode, someone decided it’s a good time to revisit Bayside through Lifetime’s Unauthorized Saved By the Bell Movie. Like many impressionable kids, I was a big Saved By the Bell fan. Not only did I like SBtB, I liked shows that were like it at the time.

Since I’ve never made my feelings about SBtB public, I’ve lined up eight confessions about my fascination with Saved By the Bell, creator Peter Engel, and TNBC. … Continued &#187

19 August 2014

Introducing IronLantern2814 Custom Figures

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You may have enjoyed reviews written by our own Roshawn Rochester (Go ahead and read; the reviews won’t bite.). Now, Roshawn has established his custom figures business. IronLantern2814 Customs can be found on Facebook where Roshawn offers action figures “made to order.” … Continued &#187

17 August 2014

The Triumphs and Trouble of Trillium [REVIEW]

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Jeff Lemire delves into science fiction in Trillium, published by Vertigo. Originally, Trillium was a monthly limited series; as a complete graphic novel, I really respect Lemire’s ambition. However, the tale of two people from totally different places meeting up is only decent in execution. … Continued &#187

11 August 2014

A Positive Look at the Ninja Turtles Movie [REVIEW]

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I am going to try and tackle this one from all sides. Mirage, Nickelodeon, IDW…you name it. If you are a fan of the Mirage Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) you will walk out of the movie liking the teamwork and violence in it.

If you are a Nickelodeon comic fan, then you will like Michelangelo… that’s it. If you are an IDW fan, this is as close to perfect as you can ever hope to imagine. With that in mind, I will explain the reasons why I absolutely loved this movie. … Continued &#187

8 August 2014

Man vs. Rock Comic Review

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One thing I want to add before getting into my review is that this book has mature language and scenes. In no way is it for kids. This is definitely a “mature audiences” only book. With that in mind, please read on! … Continued &#187

5 August 2014

The Birth of Korean Cool: Euny Hong Provides South Korea-in-a-Book [REVIEW]

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The Birth of Korean Cool, Euny Hong’s book about the Korean Wave or hallyu, which only appeared to take place overnight. It seems that all of a sudden we’re aware of Samsung phones and Psy galloping his way to gazillions of YouTube hits. However, Hong describes how South Korean’s influencing world culture, not just pop culture, was a few decades in the making.

In just over 250 pages, Hong documents developments in South Korean music, movies, technology, and food. Ms. Hong, a Korean-American who has also lived in France and Germany, is our tour guide through modern South Korea. She maintains a balancing act where she shares her experiences living in Seoul’s Gangnam district as a teenager and reporting South Korea’s aspirations of worldwide cultural dominance. … Continued &#187

4 August 2014

Smiling Rocket Raccoon Co-Creator Will Make Your Week

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Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy kept the positive momentum for its Cinematic Universe making over $160MM worldwide in its first weekend. My friend, Roshawn Rochester, thinks Guardians is the “movie of the summer.” Now there’s further reason to delight in Marvel’s spectacle: Bill Mantlo “thoroughly enjoyed” the movie according to his brother. … Continued &#187